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I used to watch Fox new from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. I don't anymore, for sure I turn off Fox news when Megyn Kelly comes on and forget to cut it back on sometime afterwards. She displayed her dislike for President elect Trump from the first, it seems going out of her way to bring anything negative toward him. She had more guest on her show that where anti Trump then pro, And the guest that was pro trump, she bullied then to be negative. Ms Kelly... Read more

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  • Nov 30
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You have many sexist viewers and the response to Meghan Kelly by many validates that. Fox needs to step up and establish a standard and push back on allowing these viewers to define its purpose. You are slipping with actual news versus editorials and appear to be funded by special interests based on choices not to cover certain news briefs. Go back to journalism please!

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Terminate Megan Kelly from FOX News.... Since Election night I NO longer watch The Kelly File at 9pm.... She has been totally out of line with her totally slant against Donald Trump.... Her playing of the Hillary Clinton ad that expressed the opinion of the actor Robert DeNiro NUMEROUS times was sickening... Megan needs to she a shrink... she has physiological issues...All of my friends are all watched other programs at 9 pm.... My suggestion is... Read more

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I'm a fox news fan since the network started, everybody Is professional except Megyn Kelly , she is very stuck up always bragging that is one of the top female anchor in the country, but that's not the case, she is borring, biased, and everybody is getting tired of her, she is very rude, it's ashamed that she is a lawyer, but very *** , get rid of her and give her slot to Sandra Smith, we are getting tired of fox news because of Megyn Kelly. Read more

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Sir, My wife and I have been viewers of Fox News in order to keep current with what is happening in the USA. Fox has been conservative and we appreciate this. All other networks are liberal. It is for this reason that I hope Fox will strongly encourage Kelly Megan to seek employment with one of the other networks possibly MSNBC. Kelly would be a good fit there and hopefully happier. As loyal Fox viewers I know we would be happier with Fox not... Read more

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Megyn Kelly is biased , unprofessional , she is not doing a good job for fox news, she has to go, Sandra Smith is much much better than Megyn Kelly, I have been a fox news follower since the network started. Read more

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I love FOX News n have been a very strong supporter. I get more info n facts than any other network. You have such very good reporting, people like Hannity n O'Reilly make it worthwhile. It's difficult to understand how a very low class,conniving, no talent, selfish, unprofessional,Iike Megyn Kelly could be a part of FOX. She's such a failure as a news person, n as a media representative this how you want to be represented n be remembered?... Read more

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Fire Megan kelly. I don't know why FOX is keeping her on the air. I wont watch her show any more and several other shows on FOX because I'm so mad that she is still on. She is going on CNN and bad mouthing FOX . WOW! And. She is still working there. She is cearly just trying to sell her book. Wake up. FOX. Fire her or put her on a crapy assignment so we don't have to watch The Kelly show anymore. She is so rude to her guests like Newt... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 20
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I am a Fox viewer from the beginning and disgusted with the coverages of cheep blackmailing want to be sexpot M. KELLY ! She and Howard awhile ago are just too much for a nice Sunday morning ! Even " CNN RAG" WAS BETTER !

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Megan Kelly got to go Read more

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