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I am just a woman so cnn would like to believe however to say in any way Trump won the debate is the worst journalism I have ever seen. I know it. Europe knows it and most of the US with a brain knows it. Your biased reporting has made you the butt of many jokes but you for some odd reason think its Ok. You have a responsibility to report accurate un baised news to Americans you have greatly failed at this task and whats worse its about the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 19
  • #921353

You run entirely to many commercials...important issues or guests are shut down every 2-3 mins to rake in the almighty $$. Greed and overpaid staff have ruined we get a LITTLE programing with our commercials...not following fox anymore until it changes..hope others will folliw

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im ok with the reporters but cant take that music.i been watching foxs news in the UK since i moved here 10 yrs made me feel closer to home but lately the reporting is not up to staderd.its 7min.of news then 7min of the fox openening music then 7min.of the same sure you can fill in that time that you have that opening credit music with playing with some other news .there is a lot of news going on in the world orher then the... Read more

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I feel Shepard Smith is an extremely biased reporter who continuously gives his opinions and perceptions as an unfair news reporter. He should not be on Fox News which promotes itself as fair and balanced. How could he continuously support Hilary Clinton and bad mouth Donald Trump is beyond my comprehension on such a fair and balanced News station. He does this time and time again and gets away with it. I know several friends who agree with... Read more

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I have been an avid watcher of Fox News daily and nightly for years ,this is practically the only channel I watch. I am getting sick and tired of Fox reporters acting more like prosecutors than reporters, are you that desperate for higher polls, you are sounding more unpatriotic everyday, I am finding myself double checking if I am watching CNN. I have lost all respect for Sheppard Smith and Megan Ryan, they seem to can't wait to bash Trump for... Read more

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We have watched Fox for more than 15+ years in order to hear unbiased news. We rarely miss Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, Judge Jeanine, and J. Watters. The Kelly File is becoming harder to watch. The format of the show is great, but we do not like her bias toward Trump. Listen to the pitch of her voice! Talking about Hillary (voice is normal) and anything about Trump(voice is high pitched, squeaky, choppy, child-like). Whoever laughs in the background... Read more

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Dear Fox news / comment team Firstly thank you for the mostly outstanding service. My view concerning Megan Kelly is that she did ambush Trump and knew what shw was about. Be that as it may her sub standard style reached news deplorable lows today (NZ time) when interviewing the female writer of whom she is obviously a great fan. Kelly is at times a "Bimbo" at other times like this an "Air head" Goodness what is wrong with the woman. Her inane... Read more

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I used to watch Fox News regularly, especially Fox & Friends, but since your CEO left you are steadily become an IRRITATION and I stopped watching you. Between your brainwashing repetitive commercials like Pillow Man, and your worthless so called journalist like Megan Kelly, Juan Williams and the repulsive Shepard Smith I now am boycotting you over any other news channel. Also Greg Gutfeld is evidently *** and forces his immorality on his... Read more

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I watched Megyn Kelly tonight for the last time - she had two "guests" and I thought they were there to give a favorable and an unfavorable view of Donald Trump's town hall meeting tonight - but no she smirked and laughed along with the two "guests" she had on her show - these two belittled Donald Trump and while Megyn Kelly "agged" them on, had a big laughfest over what Mr. Trump said. Megyn Kelly is not a journalist and she does not realize... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 07
  • #914780

I am very upset about Greta leaving!! She was my favorite and watched her everyday. Not a good move.

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