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Bob Beckle need fired.

I am very disappointed in Fox news. When you have a man like Beckle it is a disgrace to let him speak at the time young children are in the room. Who mould expect a ---- to come out of the mouth of a man who should be acting like a man not a hippie. I guess we will have to let people know what to expect if they watch the five. I am sick of these words being thrown around like candy. I known that Bob has thrown it around at least 3 times this year. Shame on you Fox. You are trying to show your true colors.
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I would like to watch The Five, but don't because of the hateful, condescending attitude of Bob Beckle - he is highly superior to conservatives such as me. I also do not appreciate his F words etc. I'm sorry he obviously came from the gutter, but I don't care to hear it.Does Fox not have a decency standard?

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London, Kentucky
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You recommended a product scam to me

I received a e-mail from a christine Meyers a Fox News Rep stating that she highly recommended the HCG Product , After reading what she had to say i felt that it was legit. So on the same blog i ordered the HCG product. Authorized my Credit card for $99.00 Shipping free. A week later i received the the package from a Fullfillmet cent out of Utah for paper work inside only 2 bottles of ???HCG no info or data and no return info nor telephone no address. I want to send it back as it is not what i ordered and what wasa told to me, this ia a scam and you are a part of it. Ms, Aileen Arledge
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Did you know that Kevin Trudeau is still trying to sell get thin quick pills?

Did you know that Americans want a method to lose weight that only requires swallowing pills?

Do you believe everything you read?


Just call your credit card 800 number and cancel the payment. It's easy since even the credit card company can't get a hold on these "fake" people.

So the refund is fast. 5 minutes chat on the phone and you will get your money back next day.


I also thought it was a scam but I received my ultra drops


People who respond to spam and even send them money deserve to learn the lesson by losing out.


I simply cancelled my card and hsbc fraud squad gave me back my money, will be more careful next time :grin


Next time do a search in Google "christine meyer raspberry" or whatever the name is. Then look at the link, does it look "right"?

Mine looks unidentifiable: "".

Third, you should know it is only half true anyway if it is coming from fox and last but most important (seriously!), never give your credit card number to companies you don't know, especially if they are from Utah! (They are second only to Florida for scam artists.) BTW, I live in Utah.


The 3 main flags was the "Add Comment" wasn't clickable, the 2nd the product was listed as FDA Compliant which is a gross lie, & 3rd the picture with "Christine Meyer" didn't coincide with Fox 32 news because the microphone didn't have their Fox logo on it. You should visit where we are transparent in what we do to help people become healthier and fighting Big Pharma.


The raspberry ultra drops from fox is scam I want my money back!! I'm sooo upset !!


Obvious scam. As PJ said, the links are dead, or when they do work they link back to the page you're currently on. Furthermore, all of the references are dead ends. Not to mention the time captured and totally fake comments at the bottom. The times never change. The top ones will always read 'written 12 minutes ago'. Not to mention you can't leave a message of your own.

All of these are warning signs of a scam site.

Oldcarguy: Fox has absolutely zip to do with this. They have no obligation to stop it. It simply needs to be reported to the scam sites. Slowly the word will get out and this scammer will stop getting funds from it.


Guys, this lady is a FAKE Fox News reporter. She does not work for Fox News.

Fox News has nothing to do with this product. Go to the REAL and search for "Christine Meyers". There are zero search results. If she were a contributor, there would be several search results.

If you were given a link to a page that looks like Fox News, just click anywhere on it....say, on the tab that reads "entertainment" or "travel". Where does it bring you? To an order page? Does the real website do this?

Clearly whoever is behind this scam has disdain towards Fox News and was hoping people would turn their anger towards Fox News. Fox, too, has been scammed!

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Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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I love fox news,but I don't watch to see the female crouch

It seems that all of the female reporters are too involved it showing us their underpants and not on the news ie: Harris Faulkner on 7/15/12. I am sure her black throng was very costly, but I object to her showing it to me. I used to watch the "5" but I got tired of the "flashing". It would be nice if someone who cares would pass the word to the camera people that what they are doing to their reporters is offensive and very unnecessary. Believe it or not a lot of women have brains, besides virginas
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Have you ever had something to say the seems to fall into a black hole? Take a message from me.

Harris got the message, along with the spelling police. I accomplished my goal.


Sessa outs Hands21 for crouch, throng and virginas, but appears to confuse their with they're. Cute. :grin


WTF are you babbling about? I used the word correctly ***.


Your complaint might be taken more seriously if you took the trouble to at least check the title for correct spelling before submitting it; the area of the human body that you appear to be referring to is the CROTCH, not the CROUCH.


I"m sure their crouches, throngs, and virginas thank you. Are you THAT bad at spelling or are the words too dirty for you to type? Grow up please.

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Rochester, New Hampshire
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Fox news and the commie animal

I was ready to watch the O'reilly factor, and Obama the commie *** is on my TV. Is FOX news obsessed with showing that moronic excuse for a human being. Americans are lucky, and this luck is about to run out, you can't be that naive and *** falling for this piece of ***'s sweet talk and not pay a heavy price later. My old country (Cuba) fell for a morone like this 50 years ago and now is competing with Haiti for the poorest country in the hemosphere title. Time to get a real right wing network for us right wing extremist.
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you my friend are an ***

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Hialeah, Florida
Fox News Tv Show
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Why I can't get FOX News

I don't know who to ask. I also have a home in Argentina. For years I also received Fox News on my Direct TV contract there (as well as here in Ca.). On my recent trip last week I noticed that Fox was no longer listed or provided by Direct TV. I am at a loss to know why and hope someone can answer this most dissapointing question for me. Of course, this may be and probably is no fault of Direct TV yet I am perplexed and don't know where to find answers. Was it the government, the lack of interest in FOX, or a payment issue? Is it offered and I need to change my subscription type? Thank you, Lloyd Godlis
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Channel 360 on Directv

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Washington, District Of Columbia

Offensive commercial on Fox News

I find one of your commercials very offensive. It's the one where the fellow comes out his door and says What the f, and you know what he's intending to say. Just because that word is acceptable in most of today's society, doesn't mean that we need to hear it inferred in a commercial. I will be writing to Fox News also. Would not use a company who intends to use foul language. It seems most television stations are loosening their standards for content of commercials and programming. Please try to consider those of us who don't like to see and hear that content. Mimi and Mike Daley michaeldaley@***.net
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So what company was the commercial for?


You two need a calendar. Its 2012, not 1932.

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Monroe, Louisiana
Fox News Commercial

Your tv package stinks....No Fox News-

Left early..will not return. Fox news has more listeners than what you supply.Are you trying to say that mickey is a democrat.....You shouldbe trying to please the public and give them what they want. Was with granchildren ...and unable to stay in the park for long hours. I had to sit in my car and listen to Fox on the radio.,DISGUSTING...You must be the only hotel for miles that is so behind the times. Really now. MSNBC is pathetic at best.Very inconvenienced. Have notified friends going with grandchildren.. Stay home or go elsewhere...thanks
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Miami, Florida
Fox News Tv Show
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I am not sure who is the greedy one but I do know if you do not get fox back you will be losing alot of your customers from your high prices including me! Now unless I switch ( which i am looking ) I will have to go sit in my moms smoke house to watch my shows!!!!! STOP THE GREED!!!!!!!!!! Please bring it back. My kids have a ton of shows on there to! We have been satisfied until now minus the high prices. I do not want to have to switch carriers. Ot is a pain to do that but if it isnt back in a day or two thats what i will have to do!
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Lincoln Park, Michigan

Fox Cancelation Political!!!

Fox News is the Only Network to call attention to the continued Failure of the obama administration. I have a gut feeling that Direct TV is connected to or pressured by the barack Czar's to keep them out of as many voter's Homes as possible. Cancelling and Calling COMCAST tomorrow. In the mean time the obama's campaign stratagy is to comment on local matters to start a race riot with is buddies al Sharp tounge and jessie (Adulterous) jackson to unite his voter base. I had to use 100 words to get my 25 words on this post, never heard of a minimum of words.
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Valley Springs, California

Cancellation of

You call yourself reporters of the news? How deceiving, you canceled Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano? You can now join all the other main stream media programming, wallowing in the never-ending glut of deceitful, lying, non informative chicken scratch programming that keeps the American citizens dumbed down, uninformed, and at a loss for any truthful information needed to make an informed decision at the ballot box. Judge Napolitano was the ONLY person on TV who had the backbone to tell the American citizens the Truth, good or bad, about the secret, back door, closed session, covert schemes our government and wall street was plotting behind our backs, and actually getting by with! He is truly an American Hero and I am so disappointed with Fox News. By your actions, (your silence), we were sneaked up on from behind. We were stolen from, lied to and now complete corruption has taken hold so hard it will be extremely difficult to root out. When we do finally root the evil out we may just as well get rid of you (the media) too. You have failed miserably in your obligations to the Constitution and to "We the People"! Just remember, you are not immune from this criminal, unlawful legislation just because you can publish an article in the paper or a magazine. You can be shut up, shut down, and put in jail too. Our forefathers gave you a precious gift, "freedom of the press" but you slapped them in the face and threw it away with both hands while keeping your allies, the American public, in the dark. Shame on you! You are worse than the criminals running our corrupt government and the greedy thieves running wall street. You have let the bloodsuckers take over with your blessings. How can you cash your paycheck knowing how you have let the public down! Judge Napolitano reminded us about the "Rule of Law", that it was time-tested, honorable, keeps anarchy from erupting and worth fighting for. He reminded up that sanity in a world of insanity, good over bad, will always win in the long run. He was a breath of fresh air in all this pollution. His words are just and honorable, keeping hope alive that things can be resolved peacefully if we continue to observe the Rule of Law. Changing things at the polls is the way the founders designed this Republic to work, not rioting in the streets. I, for one, will never watch Fox News again. I am not alone, I have had many discussions online with people feeling the same way. We are hoping that Fox comes to its senses and reinstates the only show worth watching! A truthful, informative show that talks about current events and laws being passed that we need to watch out for. Laws affecting the citizens of this great Republic, laws shredding our Bill of Rights and destroying our Constitution! Shame on you! You need to step up to the plate, it is for your own good too, unless you intend on bugging out of the country when things start coming to a head! Maybe you think you will have a special place when COG gets the go ahead. You better wake up, you'll be about as useful to them as the dumbed down useless eaters called "We The People"!
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Beaumont, Texas
Fox News Tv Show


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Why would you spend all the time you did on reporting/showing the funeral for Whitney Houston?


LOL You've just confirmed my suspicions about most Fox News watchers as ignorant, angry, *** who can't write or spell particularly well.


What an ***!

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Houston, Texas

Anchors on Fox News

Why do the women anchors on Fox News wear such unprofessional clothes. Sorry would rather have someone dressed without showing clevage. Men wear busniness suits while the women sit in short dresses. If you want us (and I am a woman) to consider you as being professional then dress like you want us to think you are smart and know the subject. We feel like as a nation we are trying to instill values in our youth. The afternoon and morning ladies have the worst reputation in the attire they wear. Be more serious and maybe we will belive you
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Sounds to me as though you're jealous. I think they all look beautiful, and I'm not intimidated, or insulted, however I'm comfortable with myself.

Do you watch the news for the news, or to see how everyone is dressed?

Of course this is only "my opinion" :)


I think today the blonde looked like Miss Piggy and the one smirking at her was wearing *** heels. To each their own but I can't take these women seriously.

Not jealous, I'm a professional model, singer and writer.


Are u kidding me?? If u think they look unprofessional then u need glasses sweetheart.

Pay attention to the news and stop looking at their ***. What a ***.


Wait, you watch Fox News? LOL

Do you really believe that *** :grin


Fox news doesn't just give you news, he proves it, by showing videos of what "certain" people said in the past, and what they're saying now. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!!!


If you've got it, flaunt it. You obviously don't have it.

I watch FoxNews because they are not namby-pamby,sissy useless liberal do-gooders like CNN or PMSNBC. You sound like a frustrated female in need of a man's tender care.


Funny I've never noticed the female anchors to be dressed inappropriately on FOX, WHAT CLEAVAGE?

I'll bet you're a fan of Rachael Madcow the raging *** on MSLSD.

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Lady Lake, Florida

No local Fox channel in the Tri-Cities Wa.

We pay for local stations and we are not getting FOX. We are going to miss Super Bowl and half of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season because of this. There are other programs we also watch in the evening. How about providing either a Portland or Seattle Fox station to this area? It was done before a few years ago. If you can't come to an agreement on this with the Northwest company, something has to be done for these consumers. We are not going to go to the expense of changing companies or getting an attenea. Unless is never going to be resolved. Your going to loose customers.
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I totally agree, and am tired of losing our "rights" to a bunch of crybabys!!

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Spokane, Washington
New Reviewer

Does Fox News Spew Hatred - Advertisers Where Do You Stand

Fox News' content seems to spew hatred daily against select Americans for example: the average American citizen and middle class, public servants, elected officials, military, *** and *** communities, Hispanics, African Americans, etc. Fox' most recent content appears to promote tax cuts for the richest 2% which is not paid for & Planet of the Apes remarks. Fox appears to have a long consistent record of hate based sentiments against various Americans. Do you think Fox News will improve this perception, or should we take a stand and say NO to Fox News and their advertisers because money talks - will this help them cleanup their act? What do you think America?
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You people are afraid of Fox News, as well you "should" be!!


Fox News may not be liberal but you have no clue. They are the only news outlet who tell the TRUTH!!

Maybe u should watch dumbamas clones on msnbc CNN (citizens negative news) & all the other losers.

Who by the way are so far up dumbamas *** they STINK!!!



if u would get your head out and smell the roses u would know that we that work are being forced to support. the non working my bible says no work no food

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Houston, Texas