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A year later, unbelievable! Can't believe the networks are still talking about this!

Had it been the other way around. You libturds would be telling us to get over it by now! This *** president we have in office now.

Is a lame duck president! Come election time, I see a big red wave coming!

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

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I can’t believe that ugly clown Greg Gutfeld Show is still airing. Seriously Gutfeld has got to be the most pretentious, obnoxious, diminutive twit on TV.

I never could stand little men with overblown egos. They just try and compensate for something they don’t have. Gutfeld is NOT funny, nor are his insipid guests. Does a news station really need a late night “comedy” show?

How do you take a news network seriously when they play ridiculous niche programs like this? All of the news media has gone down the crapper.

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