Already getting annoyed with your stupid commercials! First of all, lets off with your annonying My Pillow commercial!

I wish Fox would drop this horrible!!!!! Along with New Day USA. New Day USA comes on the begining of every commercial break now! I'm surprised nobody complained about New Day USA!.

Then I notice Fox tag in a few local commercials! My Pillow and New Day USA needs to go!

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You could get off of the couch, turn off the TV and find something else to do. Listen, here's the thing, no real advertiser will touch this dumpster fire network as is.

This is why they're moving towards the center to attract a younger(not the 50+) couch-locked crew that's watching now. They will then be able to get real ad revenue.

Until then, you're stuck with Majic Mike and his pillow brigade. Question, why are you people angry about his commercials but whine when stores stop selling his junk?


Hey buddy, I dodn't recall asking you for your two cents worth!!!!!!!!!

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