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Most annoying weather person ever, she thinks she such a great dancer, when all she has to do is look in the mirror to see how awful it is to watch She is always doing the same childish dance it's called The Swim. She turns a very credible news source into a daily variety show.

Although I haven't seen here in a few weeks on the show and I have been able to watch in peace. But i'm sure when she comes back she will grace us all with The Swim again. She doesn't belong on Fox and Friends rather a bad episode of Sesame Street.

Please move her and her attention grabbing circus act somewhere else. While your at it get rid of Shepard Smith to.

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Janice Dean is the most annoying on air talent (talentless) on Fox News. She spends more time on her childish antics than she does reporting weather.

Is this the job description that you at Fox News have created for her? Enough of these antics.

Why does she think that she is the always the center of attention? Why does fox condone this behavior?


She is both entertaining and hilarious at times


please bring Rick back...I love FOX news but change the channel when I see her on the air....her wacky attention grabbing antics are disgusting...and do not belong on a serious news program...


She is totally un-watchable. I have to always change the channel.

Most annoying person on TV. Fox you have to reign her in.


Janice "Mustard" Dean. The most obnoxious, annoying hot dog on TV. I cringe when she comes on.


FOX if you want honest feedback then you got it with viewers giving feedback on Dean. Question is what is your response to it. I am not suggesting she be fired but simply for her to give the weather and nothing more.




I tuned to FNC and saw an ugly horse wearing a fancy hat. It was Janice Dean at the Kentucky Derby.


100% agree


Thank God I am not the only one! I just sent this email to viewerservices@foxnews.com:Dear Fox News,Fox News has always been my go-to news source, and you still are; however, I have stopped viewing Fox and Friends due to your addition of Janice Dean.

She is painful to watch and so annoying. She is so dramatic and overly flamboyant. She just begs for attention and is overbearing.How did she get this job?

There must be thousands of others who feel this way. Have the ratings dropped since you added her?

to Anonymous #1466526

My mute butten comes in handy, also change the channel for a few minutes until she disappears.

to Anonymous #1480293

Not at all. The ratings are the highest they’ve been. Grow up...it’s not all about you, loser.

to Anonymous #1487492

I agree that Dean possess narcissism at the highest. Reminds you of a child who repeatedly says “look at me Mom, Look at me”. I find her childish behavior annoying and change the channel rather than watch her antics.


She exemplifies obnoxious !!!! Bring Rick back, please!!!


As soon as Janice Dean comes on the air, I switch stations. She obnoxious and an attention grabbing "ham".


She is simply unwatchable !! She defines obnoxious.

She just can't stay away from the camera.

The worst thing about Fox. Have to turn the channel when she comes on.


Ugly Christmas sweater day and cringy Janice Dean dancing. Good Lord! That woman is so annoying!!


Janice dean is doing the me me me me...........camera hog again this morning...........she ruins a perfectly wonderful morning show...............fox is very dumb to continue letting her destroy the show.


Janice Dean is a total turn off on Fox and Friends. She seems bent on turning all of the attention on herself.

In so doing she appears to be an egotistical clown. No matter the subject matter, Dean turns it into a Janice Dean Show. Although this is a more informal and friendly type of venue, it is a news show and her antics are unappreciated. Is she not hired as a meteorologist?

Let her report the weather and disappear ... PLEASE,

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1343601

Please, please take Janice Dean off Fox And Friends. She is the most obnoxious, attention grabbing person posing as a weather reporter! Also get rid of Disgusting Sheperd Smith!

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