Most annoying weather person ever, she thinks she such a great dancer, when all she has to do is look in the mirror to see how awful it is to watch She is always doing the same childish dance it's called The Swim.She turns a very credible news source into a daily variety show.

Although I haven't seen here in a few weeks on the show and I have been able to watch in peace. But i'm sure when she comes back she will grace us all with The Swim again. She doesn't belong on Fox and Friends rather a bad episode of Sesame Street.

Please move her and her attention grabbing circus act somewhere else.While your at it get rid of Shepard Smith to.

Review about: Fox News Reporter.


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She exemplifies obnoxious !!!! Bring Rick back, please!!!


As soon as Janice Dean comes on the air, I switch stations. She obnoxious and an attention grabbing "ham".


She is simply unwatchable !!She defines obnoxious.

She just can't stay away from the camera.

The worst thing about Fox.Have to turn the channel when she comes on.


Ugly Christmas sweater day and cringy Janice Dean dancing. Good Lord! That woman is so annoying!!


Janice dean is doing the me me me me...........camera hog again this morning...........she ruins a perfectly wonderful morning show...............fox is very dumb to continue letting her destroy the show.


Janice Dean is a total turn off on Fox and Friends.She seems bent on turning all of the attention on herself.

In so doing she appears to be an egotistical clown. No matter the subject matter, Dean turns it into a Janice Dean Show. Although this is a more informal and friendly type of venue, it is a news show and her antics are unappreciated. Is she not hired as a meteorologist?

Let her report the weather and disappear ...PLEASE,

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1343601

Please, please take Janice Dean off Fox And Friends. She is the most obnoxious, attention grabbing person posing as a weather reporter! Also get rid of Disgusting Sheperd Smith!


I agreeeeere she such an *** and not pretty like Ansleigh EarheartNo class is the problem

Centreville, Virginia, United States #1342382

Gross! Disgusting Janice Dean shampooing dogs this morning in her giant bare feet. I almost vomited.

Beverly Hills, California, United States #1335777

Please, please can Janice Dean.She doesn't really do anything resembling a weather report.

They announce Roger Ailes has passed and attention getter Janice sits on the couch crying. And sniffing her snotty nose!! In Public and on air!

Everyone else was heartbroken but professional.Not JANICE "LOOK AT ME" Dean!!

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