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Most annoying weather person ever, she thinks she such a great dancer, when all she has to do is look in the mirror to see how awful it is to watch She is always doing the same childish dance it's called The Swim. She turns a very credible news source into a daily variety show.

Although I haven't seen here in a few weeks on the show and I have been able to watch in peace. But i'm sure when she comes back she will grace us all with The Swim again. She doesn't belong on Fox and Friends rather a bad episode of Sesame Street.

Please move her and her attention grabbing circus act somewhere else. While your at it get rid of Shepard Smith to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Reporter.

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I have to change the channel when she’s on. Constantly yelling and screaming with fake excitement. Please find her a desk job somewhere


TG for the mute button when Janice Dean is on-I refuse to listen to Fox and Friends weather unless rick is doing it-Mrs. dean might be a truly nice person but her on air presence is a very grating obnoxious annoyance-


She is loud and obnoxious. Her act is like an annoying sorority girl.

I love Fox News but change the channel when she is on. My guess is she could be good if she were not such an attention hog.


I agree.. She has histrionic personality disorder very similar to Kelly Ripa. I have to change channel immediately as well.


I cannot turn channel fast enough when she comes on very annoying


I agree that she's ridiculous. I turn her off and put on Robin Meade when she comes on.


Janice Dean is the most annoying weather person, as soon as she comes on I immediately change the channel. How is she still on the air?


I disagree with these negative remarks on Janice Dean. Her exuberance for life is born from her cancer survivor perspective. Give he a break.


Janice dean drives our whole family crazy. She is just too silly, and uses her MS to get attention.

She He is very needy.

Sorry she is ill, But that is no excuse to be so silly and obnoxious. She does not have cancer, and many people live with MS for years and years without using it as a crutch.


Couldn't agree more! Very much seeks attention and super annoying.

I wonder if she even notices she tries way too hard to seem like such a 'wonderful' person. No self awareness and needy.


Janice Dean is an obnoxious, stupid, annoying, loudmouth moron. My God, what an idiot.

All she ever does is scream and act like an idiot with the flailing of her arms and her constant yelling and going "WOOOOOOOEEEEEE" all the time. She belongs in a zoo instead of on a news channel.


I couldn’t agree more! Janice Dean acts so childish that I cringe every time she’s on Fox & friends. I feel bad that she has MS but can’t candy coat my dislike for her ridiculous behavior.


Can we persuade Maria Molina to come back? Janice Dean is irritating as heck.

She tries to be funny( she's not). There has to be a better weather person out there.

Heck give a intern a shot. It cannot be any worse.


Janice Dean is the most annoying on air talent (talentless) on Fox News. She spends more time on her childish antics than she does reporting weather.

Is this the job description that you at Fox News have created for her? Enough of these antics.

Why does she think that she is the always the center of attention? Why does fox condone this behavior?


She is both entertaining and hilarious at times


please bring Rick back...I love FOX news but change the channel when I see her on the air....her wacky attention grabbing antics are disgusting...and do not belong on a serious news program...

@pissed consumer

i’m surprised she hasn’t resorted to a strip tease. i can’t stand her and wish Fox would get rid of her. She seems so desperate for attention.

@karen clark

She Has MS... she takes a form of chemo with that...

MS attacks your brain....I agree she needs to be replaced.... she's gotten a lot worse..


She is totally un-watchable. I have to always change the channel.

Most annoying person on TV. Fox you have to reign her in.


Janice "Mustard" Dean. The most obnoxious, annoying hot dog on TV. I cringe when she comes on.