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Dear everyone whomever knows me for when I was coming out of the Bulgarian Verna Orphanage adopted paid for my sponsored of New York Yankees baseball Paid for me , and my two younger siblings of $60,000 . Plus I am born April 11th 1988 age 32 plus huge fan of the Oregon Ducks even huge fan of Stephen Curry MBA Olympic Team USA athlete .

I stepped down from Special Olympics 2018 I would like everyone to be praying for me or the world to be at peace plus us to hopefully to overcome the Covid 19-2020 . My right side of my lung collapsed November 2020 three times but it also collapsed in Oregon two years ago was at the Hospital no asking for money please do this at no cost please help with whomever worldwide please People feel better with health issues even with Covid 19 -2020 you all taxpayers even all pro athletes help the poor worldwide of all nations thanks . Check out my thing on YouTube.com Why we Plunge of me wearing a green shirt no more cussing on Fox News please show respect to whomever world wide even to people with disabilities or with out disabilities you Government agencies show respect even kinds you all Democrats can you all show courtesy to the world stop being disgusting to each other make peace with President Trump in God we trust.

Joe Biden you are mean leave alone President Trump, and let him win the lawsuit for 2021 . President Trump has powerful lawyers even his powerful Republican team , and his Chief of Justice Judge John Robert JR will outsmart you all the world wants love no more war act like MLK or Abraham Lincoln for President Trump awesome people you all Fox News representatives so love to whom ever stop being nasty to whomever you authorities show courtesy to the world .

User's recommendation: Please no foul language show love to whomever even to President Trump Juan stop talk bad at People everyone.

Fox News Pros: Chris wallace.

Fox News Cons: You have people like juan williams spoiling your viewership.

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Don't you know that science has proven that there is NO god?

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