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I think Brett Baier should not be allowed to Speak on your Behalf any more. Think about it.

? Before this Man? Boy? even utters a word, His Guts call speaks out.

Its like a Groan Cry in the Vast wilderness? That He thinks no one gets? I just can not listen to Him. I had to shut down again.

FOX. If You know what you Think? And say. ?

Then it should be Heard. Not,,,.....Dictated by a Number of ? Where ever that came from? Get what I mean?

He may be better at Radio? And That's even a Give me? Ha. lol :) Fox needs to Fix Things.

The Right way. Best do it soon before you loose all of us.

US. Get it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Reporter.

Reason of review: Poor Judgement on People..

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Your diatribe is not only lacking in proper English grammar and spelling, but rather unintelligible. Best you retake 6th grade English before attempting to compose any further complaints.


In Respect. And I do mean that.

I do not judge a Man by the Brass Buttons on His Jacket. Nor would I post my Viet Nam picture. To Tacky. However we need some neutral, mutual ground here.

First, diatribe. Yes, I know it means harsh. Sorry you took it that way. My Humble apology.

I was only trying to say/ how I felt. Not how you? Read what I wrote. Some will get it/ Some will KNOT/…… 6th Grade English , Ha indeed.

I gave up on English / Spelling, and Literature in 3rd Grade. So. " Get it Right." This is not in defense. Rather, " In Respect again." When a word, can be spelt the same way.

Have the same sound as in speaking, and mean another. It confuses this little 3rd Grader. I do not like confusion. What a Man says is what He says.

Not on Paper. All will Read it different. Its a Poetry in its self. Unintelligible?

Ok. To some. Maybe. May be KNOT.You may not like this reply.

But that's ok. You see, I believe in Teach suggest and influence . Never force your will on anyone. So you can take this from a 3rd Grader, in English, and move forward with real issues in life.

Such as what is really being said on the News. Read between the Lines. So to speak. And yes.

It is speak. Tonology and wordology . I guess I went from 3Rd Grade , Skipped 4th 5th and 6th/ to working on a Farm …...to being a good Friend to a Hard worker with Diatribe up Bringing. My Hats off to you my Brother.

! But I will never sacrifice what I hear / to be a " False/ Fake/ Wrong meaning as I see it. I am allowed to make my own decision. Just as you.

Keep those Brass Buttons Polished. Keep the Faith. We are America. And I want to see it stay that way.

My Soiled Uniform was in Blood. Mostly my Cormorants.Please, Know I respect what you said. I have Children, just as you. May be you even have Grand Children.

Do they even watch the NEWS. No. They are Sickened with having to work and Pay Crazy . To Just, stay alive.

I did not Fight for that. Did you? Lets get things right. This is all I have to say.

Again Humbly, I do mean this, Have a Blessed Day.

Montana ….Out. Not Bullock.


Speak for yourself.

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