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We changed from Dish to Direct when Dish had dropped Fox. Well, now we drop watching Fox.

CNN shows more of what the people are saying and less of what the GOTTA CHA politicians are saying. Megan Kelly along with most of the Anchors has shown us nothing but bias statements, over and over. There was a time when we were proud of Fox for their values, no more! We should be hearing about Mrs.

Clinton, not against one of our Republicans, that citizens have leading. Richard and Gloria Kelly

Reason of review: Bias reporting.

Fox News Pros: Bill.

Fox News Cons: Megan, Your reporter who is very biased, Your reporter is biased, Sleazy attire.

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FoxNews is a shill for the elite Republican establishment and, after their sorry "debate" performance of this past week, no longer on our viewing list either. We now get our news via many different internet sites.