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I was getting bullied as for a Paul Rudd Fan and Henry Cavil Fan it’s not right it has to Stop this is not good for my health that’s bad i do not do it to them I’m sorry but they do not do it to me I have warned this News Station several million times in a row not to bully me as for a Paul Rudd Fan and Henry Cavil Fan but No yous did not Listen To me you find away to comprehend things and put it behind you and you keep on doing it why like do you have a problem With me being there Fan and Friend all Girls like them Growup your like a (2) year old selfish (Spoiled) child just bye trying To get what yous want there Actors they don’t belong to you madame I’m sorry but now it’s the right time for me to call the Police And have you reported and arrested from Christa Pelicci

Original review posted by user Nov 08

Hi my name is Christa Pelicci I’m from Stamford ct, and I’m a Fan of the Actor for the comedian Paul Rudd, and a Fan of the

Actor! Henry Cavil.

And i don’t like to get bullied as for both of there Fan I’m sorry but that hurts my feelings as for both of there

Fan now this moring i was watcheing my local Fox News at 11:00am and Sandra on Fox was (Laughing) at me as Paul Rudd

Fan as Miss Christa Pelicci From Stamford ct, how rude, he’s my Actor Friend he’s 59 years old he’s got a wife and two kids

I’m sorry! But why dosent she go Laugh at those Democrats for losers that are lieing about our president of the United States

Of America I’m sorry I’m not someone to laugh at why dosent she go Laugh at herself she looks real dumb stupid and

Like hideous when she Laughs at an Actors Fan I’m sorry but i do not know the Actor Henry Cavil as Miss Christa Pelicci

From Stamford ct, I’m sorry Ewwwl that’s so mean so rude, Like im sorry i May have to Ignore her I’m not going to listen to

Her or pay attention to her because i don’t know those two Actors Paul Rudd or Henry Cavil as Miss Christa Pelicci from

Stamford ct, I’m only just there Fan and Friend and that’s about it. (2) on my way to the Nail Salon there was this Lady also

(Laughing) at me as for a Henry Cavil fan OMG from now on I’m going to have to laugh at them back I’m sorry there is

Nothing in the manual sayeing you cannot learn how not to (Laugh) at these people back and i will to teach them a lesson

Bssh Jea right i don’t even know him and your laughing at me oh jeeze what a waste of space Lady why don’t you go Laugh at

Yourself because you got nothing not for No reason but the people at the Nail Salon where i go to was even laughing at me as

A Henry Cavil fan and there mean as matter of fact i don’t like think these people know what like there doing (2) I’m getting

A toenail effections from there and i just don’t ever want to go back there ever again I’m sorry but there mean too now

Lastnight when i went down for a Milkshake i told her that i (Spoke) to my Best Friend Elizabeth Gidos online she told me as

For her Best Friend as Miss Christa Pelicci Like From Stamford ct, that i do not know these Actors!

And (2) these Actors don’t

Know me either! As Miss Christa Pelicci From Stamford ct, and (3) there are people who are Fakeing and pretending to be

Movie stars, on Twitter she’s right it’s true they either have there fans putting up pics of them or it’s one of there Agebts and

Madame Twitter is not real it’s a bunch of phony’s for a Fake and let me tell you something madame you do not know

These Actors either, and they don’t know you either yous have to Face what’s real and what’s not real there Actors there

Not real madame there nothing but a Fake that live in a pretend Hollywood make believe world they don’t live in the real

World like us madame there make believe pretend Hollywood movie stars all’s they care about is there stupid makeup like

Themselves and there money i don’t know about you madame but i live in the real world and i like the real men and these

Actors don’t know you either i went in the kitchen for Lunch and Shannon Bream thinks the Actor Henry Cavil likes her Jea

Right where did she ever see him from Nowhere and she’s never met him before I’m sorry but all’s she does is makeup lies

It’s all inside her own head (2) it’s all inside her mind (3) she does not have an FB she did not like Paul Rudd’s Fanepage and

She does not like him as for the Actor Paul Rudd (2) she does not think he’s cute for the Actor Paul Rudd (3) she does not

Have a crush on him (4) she is not his Fan she is nothing but a cheater for a liar she is just doing that to get to me as Paul Rudd

Fan as Miss Christa Pelicci From Stamford Ct, all because she’s Jealous of me good you know what i think she should be she

Has every right to be she deserves to be she’s not his Fan (5) like she does nit support him as for the Actor Paul Rudd

And he did not send a reunion pic to her from the show friends because he’s not her friend she’s nothing but a liar pants on

Fire and he’s married bye the way he’s got a Wife name Kate upton a Son and Daughter she better watch her back

Otherwise she’ll get beat up bye his wife no I’m not kidding or jokeing around she will and i literally told Fox about 100 million

Trillion billions and Gazillions of Times in a row as Miss Christa Pelicci From Stamford ct, how i do not like to get bullied as for

A Paul Rudd Fan or a Henry Cavil Fan but they don’t listen they assume they live to harasse me as for there Fan but you know

What the Stamford Police Department send me a phone number to the police on there link on FB the other day and I’m thinking

About calling them right now and I’m going to have Sandra Miss Shannon Bream and that other lady on Fox reported and

Arrested for felony for Assulteing me intimidating me harassing me and bullying me as for a Henry Cavil fan I’m sorry

But they dident listen to me and now there going to jail for harassment from Christa Pelicci From Stamford ct

Reason of review: Bullying.

Monetary Loss: $175000.

Preferred solution: 1,000.

Fox News Pros: Bill, Bill hemmer and sandra.

Fox News Cons: Fox special news reoort.

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