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canelled Dobbs. ridiculous.

they must have no respect for their own viewers. They have sold out to China or the new Biden administration or whoever is paying them off.

They've shown themselves as sell outs and liars who arent committed to the truth. that they think they can lie to us about the election shows what frauds they are.

User's recommendation: dont watch fox anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Tv Show.

Preferred solution: BRING BACK LOU DOBBS.

Fox News Pros: Used to care about the truth.

Fox News Cons: Dont care any more.

Location: 950 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20004

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No Chuck, they “ sold out” out to the attorneys and underwriters. There was a time when these networks had zero accountability for spreading lies, sorry news as a way to keep Betas like you on the couch watching low value pillow ads.

Well chuck, the worm has turned and Fox, Newsmax and OANN are learning you can be sued for billions. Billions that can’t be made by serving low value old people ads. Billions that Beta men like you Will Not help them pay. You talk a hard game with their money don’t you.

The quick answer is you no longer matter and aren’t worth it. Sorry kid.

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