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Tonight as everyone knows about the debate is on. I finally turn off t.v I was mad Chris Wallace ran the debate from beginning he Chris Wallace was totally unfair to our president he was interrupted the president he changed subject to favors Biden Chris Wallace clearly voting for Biden unfair debate I was offended the way Chris Wallace over control debate by favor Biden.

because of the way he spread time and fairness totally a big fat F disappointing and yes Im trump support but I was so offended as white man and the way Chris Wallace attacking president over and over not because trump losing debate but Chris was allowing Biden to skip answers Facts and Chris was rushing the debate to favor Biden Chris Wallace on trump over over attacking president with disrespectful Chris Wallace. I will never respect your opinion again base on this debate .

Location: Woodland, Washington

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Your spelling, grammar and lack of sentence structure places you at a second grade level.


Your pettiness regarding grammatical correctness and not simply gleaning the gist of what is being stated, reveals that you have been brainwashed by liberal radicals. You and your ilk are part of the problem. How amazed you will be when these radicals you support betray you one day.

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