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How many times in a 5 minute period of time are you going to keep advertising info-mercials on Erectile Disfunction?

I listen to you on the Fox app and in one of your breaks I listened to three different ways to correct ED.

Come on Fox, is this the best you can do!?

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Until you "men" get up off of the couch, buy their products and make your wives whole. The thought is if you begin to function again, you'll stop living vicariously through the likes to the Orange Jabba 45 and the nuts on this network.

Low T causes indecision in "men." I hope this helps. OR They know their audience is a bunch of OLD losers hence the insurance, ED, and pillow ads.




And yet here you are! Go away troll!


Nah...I'm waiting for you to conk out and then I'll call your old lady. She's quite disappointed in you and how you turned out.

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