Fox News for me after watching Fox only for 7years. Jennifer Griffin, john roberts, Chris wallace.

No more. I am going to watch news max

From now on. Fox has just turned out to be a CNN want a be. Shame on you.

Sorry Hanity. You and tucker need to go to news max.

User's recommendation: Change to news max.

Fox News Cons: Juan willams, Cavuto williams, Missed opportunity for good news, John roberts jennifer griffin chris wallace.

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I don't think they care if you or any of your cadre move on to something else. They've used you for all they could while they could.

They are now making way for the next group of viewers which includes YOUNGER more centered minded people who want to hear both sides of an argument and then THINK for themselves. This network knows you have fewer days in front of you than behind and need to suck in younger people with the hopes of getting better ad revenue from advertisers who don't want to have to worry about a boycott when one of your heroes goes off the rails. In short, you're losing your relevance, they know this and are setting you out to pasture slowly but surely...

Sorry you had to hear it here first. I'm sure this confirms what you already knew.


Biden-Harris 2020!!!


LOL... I'm sure your (chuckle) "life" will improve now that you're moving your all-day TV lifeless fest to another channel filled with pillow ads.

On the upside, it beats having you out on the roads and in the way of people leading actual fulfilling lives. Have at it tiger, enjoy your new thing!!!


Fox News is one of the worst circuses aired on television. Ringleader Hannity can crack his whip and bellow into his microphone night after night, mesmerizing his shallow-minded viewers, as he spews his vile diatribe to no end.

Hannity's Pres. Donny T's official mouthpiece, don't you know? Oh, and so is the crackhead My Pillow guy to a lesser extent. Lol!

We all know that Old Donny T loves Sean. The two bellowing walruses can sing their hatred all they want, but guess what?

In the end Joseph Biden is going to get the winning vote. Over and out folks!


Fox News is the grossest show on earth. Fox is a collection of freaks under a circus tent, on exhibition, that normal people shake their heads in pity for. Are they really human the inquisitive young man asks?


Comes the dawn. Best to get news and information from other sources.

Many places online to do so. FoxNews is no longer "fair and balanced."

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