Now we have constant news briefings every hour on the hour. Thanks to that president of yours screwing everything up!!!! I'm tired of that jack *** president coming on every afternoon with his dailey speeches!!!!!!!

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Please elaborate on what President Joesph Biden has "screwed up"? I can create a laundry list of serious crimes that the former orange president has misaligned and mislead America with.

Joseph Biden is a man on a mission of peace. He despises war and that's why he's doing his best to control matters in Afghanistan. Bush got us into this mess 20 years ago, and hundreds of trillions of dollars later, with his blood for oil brigade to take control.

Bush should be tried for war crimes, and Trump should be tried for sex abuse crimes, Russian collusion, and all the lives lost due to Trump's anti science ignorance of not being proactive during the early stages of the corona virus. Biden Harris 2024 you get my vote!!!!!


I'm sure this is a rhetorical question or it is a joke. You must be a fan of the left media; however, if I'm wrong, there are so many sources you can turn to in order to answer your question-"What has Joe Biden done wrong?

" If it turns out you are really in the dark, read Peter Schweizer's book that was published before the election. In addition, do some research on the Afghanistan debacle- you will find that against the advice of his top military advisors, Biden demanded leaving Afghanistan and Bagram Air Base by August 31, 2021. Because of his narcissistic decisions thirteen American soldiers lost their lives. The process of leaving Afghanistan was chaotic, disorganized and worst of all...

Biden's utter ignorance caused the abandonment of thousands of Americans, left in Afghanistan. Left, as well, were thousands of our Afghan allies; those that helped the American soldiers as they lived 7,500+ miles from home. The chaos happening at our southern border should turn your stomach. Children alone-wandering on the roads, along the river, in the bushes, etc., many under the age of five- these children were sent off by their parents for reasons we may never know or understand.

Lastly, (just for my purposes... there are so many more examples)... the illegal immigrants at the southern border are walking over the border, into the country- bussed to cities across America, without vaccinations. Hypocrisy at its best...

actual United States citizens are being fired from their jobs for not being vaccinated. Idiocy at its finest! By the way, the number of deaths in the US from Covid in 202*(***,000) have surpassed the number in 202* (***,000).

This after Biden swore he would eradicate Covid and more importantly he had has therapeutics, as well as four vaccines. A little research, an open mind and some empathy; and you will have the answers you are asking for, if you really are asking.

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