I have watched and agreed for over 10 years but whatever producer that hired this woman to oversee the debate CLEARLY had NO CONTROL AT ALL!!!!!!!!! And truly supports one side.

I will tell you I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. I might as well watch CNN! I have tried to call to stop her from ever SPEAKING! and yet you have not access......I cannot you have done this.

You will be losing active watchers due to this bias. She has had very little control over this debate allowing Bieden to be able to cut into Ryan's allotted time. She allowed Bieden to spiral to take command over her so that she could not steer a fair a balanced debate. Yes, both had points to be made however it was clear that Bieden was allowed by her to "dominate" due to lack of control.

A VERY bad move that appeared to be a clear manipulation. Again, if I want to watch this lack of control by your choice of Martha to steer this election I can watch Chris Matthews. People are truly suffering and to side CLEARLY with her lack of control, and therefore support, makes me sick with you after watching ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT (yes I sleep with the news on since 9/11).

I want to hear what Martha McCallum has to say about this. I am very very disappointed.


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Turn on Murder She Wrote and get over it. :p


You are so gutless that you must be a *** and a Neocon. You must be to remain anonymous!

Another great loser that will cry in his beeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry


Come on----Ryan was speaking over her too, and cutting in on Biden's time. Also who are to judge when you can't even spell the name of our Vice President correctly?

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