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Watched hemmer/Wallace interview and find that Wallace took an opportunity to project his failings on President Trump.wallace was bias toward the president and took the opportunity to support Biden and pressure the President to answer Wallaces questions. I do find that Wallace was not and is not the professional he claims to be. He is a MSM but wont admit it

Preferred solution: Tell the truth be honset.

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

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#1931355 The former USSR has poured its resources into new unconventional information warfare. This is known in well informed media circles.

There is no HC to lynch in 2020 so the strategy is to instill voter apathy. Even the DHS has published a report "Russia likely to continue seeking to undermine faith in the US electoral process." Now both Ryan and Whitney bill themselves as new generation bold brave journalists. They do innovative if lengthy broadcasts tied to the scandals surrounding COVID, US bioweapons research, big pharma. They are more "libertarian" something RC stated outright in yesterday's broadcast which covers the first presidential debate last night (9/29) in its first segment.

RC harps on the pointlessness of the debate and the candidates and implies voting is a waste of time. He has a great number of subscribers and (phantom?) commenters who imho serve as an echo chamber. I tried to write "Very disappointing. Implying voting is a waste of time...

you are absolutely blind to the unfolding catastrophe in California, SE US, and did you not hear Biden speak about global warming? Did you not count the times the moderator himself was interrupted?..." Unconventional warfare is real, its asserted by journalists likely incentivized with foreign government pay. There are several trendy news outfits like this that love to report with this dished up intellectual cynicism (cant list them now but they typically include guest appearances at RT). Voting is the privilege women, minorities, many people have fought hard for in the USA.

It is irresponsible to even suggest abdicating the voting process at a time when so much is at stake nationally, state, and local level. We need candidates who will walk the talk in representing the people, the planet, the needs of the 21st century.

Leaders who are well-rounded and with good common sense. People who want to make the whole world a better place so everyone has the freedom and opportunity to pursue their right to a life of dignity and exemplify truthfulness, compassion, & tolerance.


None of it all matters because Biden is going to win the election. America needs a massive change in politics and Biden-Harris will take us there.


Yeah they will take us there. Forced *** health care, higher taxes, gun control, higher energy costs.

Open borders, free health care, free housing, food stamps, and so much more. I’ve worked all my life for what I have. Why should it be “taken” from me to give to some lazy person who is too lazy to work hard and improve their situation.

They want everything given to them on the tax payer’s back. I’m sick of these people sucking tax payers dry.

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