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The person who represents democrats on The five never refers to our President as President Trump. He just says “Trump”.

This is very disrespectful when referring to our President. He deserves to respect of the office and no news person has the right to refer to him with his last name only. Fox News needs to rep,ace him immediately. He also never shuts up and interrupts the other members of the team.

When it comes to talking about whites and blacks her is a clear racist. He puts all white people down no matter what the issue is it is the fault of white people. He blames President Trumpt for issues that are related to the Democratic Party which he has nothing to do with. We do not want a racist and a disrespectful person on the news.

Yes we need to have the Democrats represented on the Five but we need someone who is respectful and honest. I want to spit in his face I am do assamed of him.

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Trump deserves all the disrespect that we can create.

to Anonymous #1398558

It's YOU that deserves the disrespect.

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