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We want to hear about what is happening about THE OTHER SIDE. What is happening with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?

Is Hillary packing her bags nf leaving the country. What about OBAMA?! Where is he? What about the unmasking?

Is he parked down the street running his shadow government? We all know George Soros is backing them? WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THEM!

Not everybody in the world's opinion about Trump. We picked him and put him in the WH and we EXPECT Fox News to be on our side.

Review about: Fox News Tv Channel.

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That was fun reading, thanks.

But I'm afraid I'm past caring about the cast of characters you mentioned.

I've tired of television media. First I dropped the ones I really didn't like ; no problem.

Next went some of the ones with whiny characters ; easy. After that, ones that talk over each other or talk too fast and those split screen things ; fine.

Those actions really culled the herd.

Finding myself free from TV media and the unceasing barrage of advertising , I am reminded of that wonderful feeling when you realize the pills worked and your headache is gone.

The net result is no headache and more free uncluttered time to pursue better things.

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