Montrose, Colorado
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It has become very obvious Murdoch's sons are not like their father.

I am turned off by the number of the LEFT which Fox is bringing on the show. Donna Brazile? The cheater prior to the last election? And Fox has hired her? Won't be long and those of us who have had Fox News as a favorite GO-TO station - will not care to watch it any longer.

Fox also was not fair to Judge Jeannine. What she says on her program is the truth, and it is obvious those who head up Fox do not like the fact Judge Jeannine speaks out and tells it like it is. They apparently feel the LEFT needs to be coddled - and care more about what the LEFT will think rather than letting the show hosts give true facts.

Won't be long until Fox News' rating will drop - and you can blame it on Murdoch's sons, and the people they have bought in to take down what was once a great news channel.

I'm really disappointed the direction Fox is headed.

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