This is the real fake news. Bunch of inbreads your all *** just piles of *** I know you are all going to *** along with trump the orange piece of ***

User's recommendation: Turn the channel.

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Same old troll whose been posting *** for the last two years on here. I get the impression that you’re some 20 or early 30 something that’s homely looking, paleface, overweight, bearded freak with greasy long hair and cystic acne, dwelling in a cold, dark, damp basement. That’s my impression of azzhats like you.


Please tell us you haven't wasted TWO(2) years monitoring this message board. Talk about a lame worthless life.

What do you do, by the grace of the lord (and to the chagrin of your family) get up, try for a full stream this time and finally make it to the couch to watch nonsense and rot until it's time to go to bed again.

Please tell us that in your useless existence, the days just blurred by and it's only been a month. Thankfully you stay indoors most of the time and only come out to plague the living a few times a month.


And have you even looked at your buddy biden's polls lately? As for 2022 I see a very good year for Republicans!

you democrats are going to lose so big. You will have another repeat of 2016!


And I suppose you think demented ol’ Joe is winning America over. There’s going to be a major shift come 2022 and the Marxist fringe are gonna get their rumps kicked out.

Biden won’t be able to run in 24. He’s neurologically failing at a very rapid rate, and he will be fully incoherent within that of the 24 election. His goose is cooked.

I believe America will once again regain its composure and thrive with a new Republican in office. Even if it’s Trump again.


And so is CNN and MSNBC!!! Lying inbreds!

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