whatever negotiations are being done..do it but keep FOX NEWS. It is the only sane news reporting out there.

I have been a member of Sirius for a year and enjoy it but will withdraw ASAP if FOX is not kept. The recption is great, the news is reliable and I cannot figure why you would want to deprive so many devoted listeners of the access to FOXNEWS.

There are many times when I want to turn off music and other Sirius stations and catch up on the news..so when I get home I don't have to sit in front of the *** tube and listen to the broadcast drive on ther major news outletsl. Keep FOX

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Sane obviously doesn't know squat about what's going on in the world... and it probably collects welfare checks.

Seattle, Washington, United States #588572

If you cancel Fox News, channel 114, consider our subscription to Sirius cancelled too. Fox is the only news channel that actually reports both sides of the news.

We may not agree with everything they say, but at least we get unbiased reporting without the far-left slant. And by the way, we are Independents, not Republicans.


I say camel Fox Radio on Sirius or I will cancel my subscription. Or, I suppose Fox can stay on if they change their name to Fox Propaganda Network.

to Sane #587295

Wow intelligent comment "Sane." Maybe try a little thing called spell check. Better yet get an education and learn how to spell, before you post something so ridiculous.

The left is becoming more radical by the day. Trying to silence any other opinion or value that doesn't fit into their socialist viewpoint. Fox news remains the only media outlet not completely slobbering over the liberal agenda. I am becoming more and more concerned with the angry hypocritical left.

It is not enough for them to have the media bias, celebrity status and bandwagon in full motion. They want to bully any opposition as well. They scream and cry the loudest.

A large flock of politically correct sheep if you will. I too will cancel my subscription to Sirius if they don't continue to play Fox news.

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