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Fox News' content seems to spew hatred daily against select Americans for example: the average American citizen and middle class, public servants, elected officials, military, *** and *** communities, Hispanics, African Americans, etc.

Fox' most recent content appears to promote tax cuts for the richest 2% which is not paid for & Planet of the Apes remarks. Fox appears to have a long consistent record of hate based sentiments against various Americans.

Do you think Fox News will improve this perception, or should we take a stand and say NO to Fox News and their advertisers because money talks - will this help them cleanup their act?

What do you think America?

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You people are afraid of Fox News, as well you "should" be!!


Fox News may not be liberal but you have no clue. They are the only news outlet who tell the TRUTH!!

Maybe u should watch dumbamas clones on msnbc CNN (citizens negative news) & all the other losers.

Who by the way are so far up dumbamas *** they STINK!!!



if u would get your head out and smell the roses u would know that we that work are being forced to support. the non working my bible says no work no food

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