Donna Brazile cursed out Rona McDonnel today 2x. If that was a Republican who made the comment of Donna Brazile, they would be skewered by the media.

For Donna Brazile - crickets.

Please remover her from your commentators. Restore fairness and dignity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Reporter.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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Donna Brazil is a bigot and a big mouth liberal biased pain in the *** Thinks she can get away with anything with that mouth of hers yet it continues to go unchecked on Fox and you keep putting this annoying biased clown on the air. She got canned from CNN for her under-handed tipping of the questions to Clinton, clearly dishonest but a wonderful new home at Fox, unbelievable!

I turned the channel the second Sheppard came on until you guys finally got the message and forced him out and now the second you even tease a promo that Brazil is coming on, I change the channel. You are losing viewership with this nonsense, smarten up!


I agree completely. Every conservative knows what a hypocrite Brazile is.

After all, she gave the questions during the 2016 debates to Clinton.

I was shocked when she appeared on Fox. I just fast forward whenever I see her.


Donna Brazile has no integrity. She demeans the credibility of Fox News!


Agreed. I always turn Fox News off when Donna Brazile comes on!

She made a complete fool out of her self this time. As for Donna Brazile there is special place in *** for her.

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