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Today, around 5:18 I got so disgusted I had to turn off the tv. Eboni Williams (Miss know-it-all) said that the Trump supporters are all racists because it was not enough for us to settle for him dis-avowing "ALL" violent groups.

Last time I looked (have knowledge of English language) - All meant every one, which would include the white groups, KKK, etc. By the way Eboni, did u know that the KKK was part of the Democrat party and the Republicans got rid of it...look at history. Also Abe Lincoln was a Republican. The Dems had Senator Byrd for years in their party, and honored him at his death...yet he was a KKK leader.

Read D'nesh DiSousa's book or see his movie. Everything is true there. You all twist the truth. Now, you call me a racist.....what about you?

You love to use the R word. Our family will never watch "The Specialist again"...was everyday viewer...and will spread the word. Your bias stinks. You should be on CNN.

Fox used to be for conservatives - but no more. We have one show left - Hannity...The others are taking "Fair and balanced overboard"...and the one who started it - O'Reilly, is gone! How'd that work out for him? Anyway, hope someone at Fox gets the message.

You really are turning off all conservative viewers forever. Hope your ratings continue to drop!

The Murphy family - Florida P.S. I'll get my news from Conservative news on the internet in the future and not waste my time watching Fox TV Shows.

Review about: Fox News Specialists Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sadly, watching Fox News less, because of people like Ebony Williams, rude and opinionated, interrupts guests, interrupts co hosts, argumentative, I can see the guests are annoyed by this. I change the channel when I see her. Her co hosts appear uncomfortable too.


The Specialist is gone and hopefully EboniK will stay gone.


Why is Kolin Kappernick allowed to kneel in protest on a football field but a high school coach has lost his job for kneeling on the field after a game??! There is no justice, fairness or honor in this country anymore.


Someone needs to tell Eboni to stop yelling & interrupting everyone. She seems to think only her opinion is relevant, typical liberal, and no one else has a right to speak.

She constantly says, "I don't like this, I don't like that"...who cares what you like.

The show is a disaster. Put the 5 back on in this time slot!


Tonight's show (8/23) would be a good show if the women weren't on it . Nothing against women - just these two.

Ebony interrupts everyone because she always knows better as she says. Can't stand the arrogance. Kat doesn't add anything to the show except sarcasm. I've watched FOX for many years in this time slot but not anymore.

Get upset every time I watch not because of issues but because of these two women. Bring back the Five and put this show in the late time slot or cancel it.


After yesterday, and Eboni Know it all taking her righteous stand on football players having to not stand for the flag, I'm done with this show and hope they cancel this abortion of a show


I just find EboniK uninteresting.


I liked Eboni in the past and Kat. but this show would be better on MSN!!

Eboni would not let Brian give he opinion just now and talked over him!

This show is a poor replacement for the FIVE in this slot. Please put the FIVE back at FIVE!


You are so right, Brian!! Everything you just said is right on!

Eboni is wrong again!!

Those football players should stand in respect for the National Anthem or get fired!! A whole lot of wonderful people died so that they could get paid so much to play a game.


Eboni is just ok, but that Kat has got to go! She adds NOTHING INSIGHTFUL! I used to watch Guttfeld, but she is a dud there also.


Never apologize for being white.


Agreed, fox has changed and I will only tune in when the ship has been righted. Trump denounced violence.


Nothing more need be said. Fox, better be careful you're losing your base now.


I agree completely. How much lower can Fox go?

to Norma Jean DeForest #1518850

leland vittert sheppard smith eboni & juan williams who are openly anti trump very liberal not to mention anti white should be removed from fox news .


I totally agree with these former Fox fans--

Where are the specialists? Just some really "D"

players looking for face time.

Eboni is so in love

with herself, so sad, so rude to our President so

rude to the guest, over talks everyone.

Please bring

back The Five and put Eboni and the air head out to pasture. Hope your book fails Eboni.


I totally agree I am also boycotting the show both women on it or ridiculous!

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