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Its odd that on Tucker Carlsons 1/3/22 show, the clip of Dr Malone was mysteriously absent when Tucker was doing a story on how Dr Malone had been banned from Twitter for discussing CENSORSHIP of Covid treatments. Isnt that odd?

Does Tucker know? Hes the only reason I subscribed to fox nation because I cut the cable cord long ago. Fox is sickening. Not that they care but I can cut my subscription to fox nation too.

Tucker will understand. He needs to leave Fox then you too can join CNN on the dust heap of what used to be journalism.

Location: Olive Branch, Mississippi

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Sadly there isn’t one news media outlet you can trust nowadays. Fox may brew a slightly less potent recipe of fakery and deception, but it’s still in their main ingredients driven by their general management.

Most of Fox’s news is opinion and panel discussions, whereupon personal views have no value to me. Basically all cable news is really, really, awful. Back in the late ‘70s through the ‘80s CNN’s Headline News was a gold standard for what news reporting was all about. That all changed when Ted Turner sold CNN and the station’s new owners turned CNN into a circus act.

Fox has lowered itself many times with inane shows like Redeye and that *** inducing Gutfeld’s late night comedy show which has all the quality of a bunch of obnoxious middle age geezers acting like foolish junior high kids. Gutfeld belongs behind scenes, not in front of a camera.

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