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I understand that they are trying to keep people safe. But this breaking news thing had been up for 30min and I'm trying to watch my show.

It won't go away!!! I hate Fox News and that's why I never watch it!! But I like master chef!!

BUT THIS THING WONT GO AWAY! And it's so annoying!

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Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #842024

I am tired of Shepard Smith getting all the acclaim when other, better! newscasters are sidelined; he gets to cut into their time frames and he is a smug, opinioned reporter who is full of himself.

Brett and Neil gotta have a personal affront to this!

Why would someone with a voice like his, which always seems like it is complaining get this acclaim? I've watched him interview Wallace and Chris was obviously agitated by Smiths smugness and questioning and interruptions of Chris as he tried to speak, then he says whats the matter Chris you look tired...what????!!

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