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Shepard Smith is an offenisve partisan left-wing propgandist on FOX News. 1 of 1 people found it helpful
He was hired by FOX news to be a hard news reporter and NOT a commentator like Hannit andO'Reilly. FOX is deceiving the public by allowing Shepard Smith to be presented to viewers as a hard news reporter. He nene ever misses an op[portunity to dads haft Donald Trump with his smug ***=eating grin and "in your face" middle finger salute to your conservative viewers every time he opens his mouth. I am sick of him and even more sick of FOX News...
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Just watched Donald Trumps speech thought it was great.Shepard Smith then comes on and starts dogging him . He is obviously a Crooked Clinton supporter. They are saying *** Russian comments again. If they will help defeat isis why not? I used to enjoy your shows would watch everyday 'but your shows have gotten to be as bad as cnn against Donald Trump. The only good people that are truthful Hannity O Riley and Judge Jeannine.You need to change...
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I liked
  • Oreilly and hannity
I didn't like
  • Your coverage various personalities