Today Juan insulted every Republican by suggesting we sold our souls get put President Trump in office. Juan is a disgrace and has no business being on legitimate news....he belongs on “The View”. Enough is enough....fire him already!!!!!

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Amen sister! I quit watching The five and will not watch until he is GONE !

Let him go to one of the WOKE networks that i never watch. PROUD DEPLORABLE!


Juan Williams never tells the truth. He just makes stuff up and especially numbers.

Then if that is not bad enough, he always says when asked a question, well Trump did this and Trump did that. The question does not involve President Trump. The question was totally about some other subject. No one likes him, not even his co-workers.

In my world, he would have been fired a long time ago.

We switch the station when it is his time to speak. He does not say anything we need to hear!


The Five would be much better if Juan Williams is gone. I mute him or change the channel when he starts with the faces and snorting while others express their opinion. He is not a good fit.


Seriously get rid of him


I can’t stand listening to Juan on the five. He lies so much! I won’t watch when Juan is on Fox.


Juan is nothing more than a Obama lap dog who most of the time thinks about sitting on OB'mases knee like a ventriloquist dummy taught to say the same thing over and over again while running his mouth and no-one on the Five tells him to shut up,Now.!! We do not want to hear about his family anymore if I were any of them I would have his mouth sewn shut.!!


"if I were any of them" But you're not. You're a weak individual who sits up and watches a show, yes a show every day without fail.

Do you really think these people are enemies? They're playing you like a fool.

Their act is what keeps you on your couch and gets Juan and the gang paid. Probably more than your (chuckle) lifetime earnings.


Juan is a very unqualified voice for the Damned. Replace him please with an educated Democrat who can express a counter argument to conservative thought other than DNC talking points. He has over stayed his welcome as a counter opinion.


Why do you keep Juan Williams on Fox? He is a negative, not a positive addition to Fox...It is intolerable watching and listening to this guy who does not make sense...PLEASE PUT HIM OUT TO PASTURE....


Get rid of him! He constantly loops back to the same bs time and time over. Total moron.


No one is that stupid. Pretending for ratings, I hope.


Get Juan off the air or I will stop watching Fox News. He is discussion and irrational.


Please please please remove Juan Williams from The Five. I don’t think I can continue to have my intelligence insulted by Mr. Williams and his continued repetitive “speeches!”


When will fox news "the Five" get rid of J.W. ?

look at him making faces when co-hosts disagree with the Dems agendas on any subjects? Sorry, he has to go burning the tires...!


juan williams is just another ignorant negro.


I'm guessing there's some kind of envy going on here...


PLEASE GET RID OF THIS GUY....We mute the sound when he comes on...He contributes nothing to the conversations and is very annoying making faces and rolling his eyes....


Does Fox leave him in for banter and ratings? That piece of garbage would blame Trump for the ice age. Get him a co-host gig with Chris Cuomo in Siberia.


"and ratings". Yes, that's exactly why they keep him.

He gives intelligent counter points that send little jellies like you into a tizzy fit. You in turn start whining and posting everywhere you can. Your lame posts get likes or thumbs up. This is called engagement which HELPS Juan and the shows.

They're playing you fool by going for easy FREE engagement which translates to $$.. You do know this is the reason for this stupid show, to make $$? You're a Beta puppet on a string dancing when this network commands. To summarize, your lame complaints actually HELP JUAN.

If you were real and had an actual life, you would stop watching as a form of protest.

The sad thing is this is your (chuckle) life. You have nothing else but to tune in, whine about someone who doesn't know you, come here, and try to pretend you're actually part of something.


I mute juan when they let him speak. his arrogance and hatred for trump is disgusting. fox needs to let him go so the five can have thier ratings go up.

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