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Today Juan insulted every Republican by suggesting we sold our souls get put President Trump in office. Juan is a disgrace and has no business being on legitimate news....he belongs on “The View”. Enough is enough....fire him already!!!!!

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He is right


Juan Williams is a LIAR

@Tyara Qmo

He's gone loser...Time to move on with your (LOL) "life."


The last I heard Canadian citizens are not allowed to vote in the U S. ELECTIONS.

I am somewhat surprised that The Republican party has an office in Canada Tucker Carlsen is a liar. He says things that are not true. If I were the lawyers working for Fox I would review the issue of vicarious liability. Fox news pays Mr.

Carlson's salary and therefore FOX is liable when Tucker libels individual as well as the the 81 million people that voted for Joe Biden, most of whom are white and do not belong to the democratic party.

For the record this website says that racially charged statements are not allowed. Calling Juan Williams and Don Lemon racists and that they hate white people is quite offensive to me


It's time to take this lame post down and allow these coots to find a new Circle J to get in.


Thank you for removing Juan Williams. We actually look forward to watching The Five again.

We no longer have to switch the channel when Juan spreads his false polls, lies, and hate.

You finally listened to your fan base and it will show. Ratings are going up!


Thank you Fox! I’m so glad Juan Williams is leaving ! I do not watch him , he belongs with the rest of the idiots on CNN !


ABOUT TIME! Biggest piece of crap on TV!

He hates whites, hates America, hates President Trump, hates Trump supporters, but mostly hates the truth. I may begin to watch the five again unless they put Jessica Tarlov or Leslie Marshall on!


Yeah it's about time the five got rid of that stupid moron put him with Don lemon they should get along great because both are nothing more than racist jerks that hate whites drop them off on a sinking boat to africa


This will certainly improve your (LOL) life.. Great job kid...


And now he is FINALLY GONE! In my opinion he is the face of treason.

He has no love for this country only love for the democrat party. He will not be missed.


I’m going to not watch The Five because of Juan Williams!!!


OMG...Juan is the absolute worst...hE should be on a Socialist/democrat station like CNN or MSNBC...He is an annoyance and hit the MUTE button when he opens his mouth spewing out idiotic "facts" etc...The worst.


My mute button is almost worn out from silencing him ...can’t stand him!


It is good to hear I am not alone


Please get rid of Juan Williams, he continually states “facts” that are provably false. He is an idiot and we viewers deserve better!




what are they waiting to kick out JW, this fanatic leftist socialist, of the five. It's so crazy to see such a guy that cannot figure out and deny what's going on at the border... unreal...!


If the network managers continue to allow Williaams to take over the greater part of the commentary on the five it will cause more and more viewers to go to newsmax and watch something that is at least favorable to the citizens that still care about what is happening to America. He never"SHUT'S UP and no-one stops him.!I it has become the "Juan Williams Hour."Get that Panamanian Moron off that show or he is going to take the entire Fox network down the drain,It is already happening.!!


He prefaces EVERY remark with an inane statement as "to my mind" or "let me finish ( his endless rhetoric}" or"I'll just say this". He seems to steal far more time than the other four and should be put on a time clock with an audio shut off after a brief time. Also he cannot comment without some reference to Trump's involvement with or because of a crisis problem.

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