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Today Juan insulted every Republican by suggesting we sold our souls get put President Trump in office. Juan is a disgrace and has no business being on legitimate news....he belongs on “The View”. Enough is enough....fire him already!!!!!

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I agree! I always enjoyed the five, but I am giving it up.

Williams is much more interested in hateful speech on the president and against republicans, than honestly debating issues in a fair minded way. If you can’t choose to be a positive help when the nation is in crisis, I can choose not to watch.

He should have been fired long ago! Paul Ohio


Well stated!


Juan Williams is a Marxist talking point machine. I assume he gets his opinions emailed to him every morning by the Democratic Party, i.e marxists


The fool should go back to PBS... No, wait, not even those idiots want him back. He REALLY belongs with those troglodytes at CNN, as he will be with those on his intellectual level, which is VERY LOW!


*** Juan williams


I am SICK and TIRED of the big dumb *** Juan Williams and his constant Trump hating comments. Why doesn't he go to CNN where he belongs!


He doesn't fir into the Five format. I turn it off immediately when I se he is on there. At least Beckel had a take from time to time.


Sick of The Juan Williams show. I tune in to watch The Five and have to turn it off because of this jerk.

O'Reilly saved his butt when he was fired from his other gig...glad he is gone too...Now we have to listen to his 5 yr. Old rants. Capri is a better choice for diversity.

Get rid of Mr. "Oh, oh...Williams.


Are stupid comments by Juan Williams scripted? What a total idiot he is!


I am so sick of this guy. He hates Trump so much that he cannot see straight.

I would like to know why he left NPR. Someone check it out. We put it on MUTE while he talks. He actually hates TRUMP so much that he should be taken off the show.

He really doesnt fit in. He never knows the joke.

Lets have more of CAPRI. She does not actually HATE our President.


juan williams needs to be fired now


Juan Williams is so annoying to listen to. I cannot believe he is taken seriously. Unfortunately he is his own worst enemy.


I have given up on Juan . I cannot believe he really is taken seriously.


Juan is clueless he seem’s to only repeat CNN or the extreme Democrats talking points even when proven wrong by the other host...I agree he is racist.


Why is Donna Brazile, who gave Hillary the upper hand by giving her the questions, on besides Juan. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand Juan, he wants The Five to the The Juan.

Please find someone else... Donna speaks over the others even more than Juan. Ugh... Changing the channel and stopping to record The Five...

Sad. Why can't someone in their ear to just shut up and stop speaking over someone else... So frustrating.

From The Juan to now The Donna... No thanks


I appreciate Fox for having a voice that doesn’t always agree, but I wish Juan would concede at times and stop trying to always disagree with a conservative view. It does at times makes me even think that Fox thinks we are being fooled by the contrast. If leaders can’t agree and disagree without intentionally putting someone else down, why in the world do they think others in less prominent roles would act any different.


Juan Williams MUST GO!! I will watch nothing on FOX which has your RACIST Juan on!

He calls everyone he does not like RACIS when he is the RACIST! The man hates white people.


He has no brain.. unfortunately, the majority of POC's cant see past skin color.

pretty sure Juan thinks Obama is his long lost cousin.. Juans been confused his whole life.. wastes all his time making excuses for the black communities lack of ethics, but even the blacks don't wanna claim him! thats why his ashamed mother named him after a Mexican.

cant you involve a news anchor with a little bit more intellectual honesty? someone we can look at in the eyes and trust what they're saying?

instead of seeing 2 beady little eyes staring blankly at the teleprompter, just lying. He's a joke!


About to block Fox News specifically because of Juan Williams. Hard to listen to his disrespect for other hosts and anyone who might disagree! DJ


Please get rid of Juan Williams on The Five. He always interrupts and yells over anyone trying to make their point. If I watch (which I rarely do anymore because of Juan Williams), I mute my TV everytime he starts to spew his hatred of Republicans....just like a typical Democrat!

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