Today Juan insulted every Republican by suggesting we sold our souls get put President Trump in office. Juan is a disgrace and has no business being on legitimate news....he belongs on “The View”. Enough is enough....fire him already!!!!!

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Get rid of Juan Williams...I can't stand seeing his nasty facial looks at the rest of the cast....if they need a Democrat find at least someone who is pleasant.....we actually find it difficult to watch the Five....Also why is he used on other Fox Programs...is he the ONLY DEM available? He must be replaced.


He is an ignorant jerk.


juan williams needs to be let go from fox .i change the channel when he is on .


Fox needs to get rid of Juan williams!!!!!!


Juan Williams just one more reason to never watch Fox again!


Juan is a miserable hypocrite who hates anyone who disagrees with his socialist propaganda.


This guy is a total idiot. TOTAL. Remove him


It’s getting hard to continue to watch The Five. Juan not only doesn’t stay on topic, he turns everything to how he hates Donald Trump.

He belongs on a show like The View he would fit in well with those hacks.

There’s only one view, their view. He needs to go!!!!


Fire Juan He’s annoying


Fire the hothead. Then, get him some help!


Fox continues to put these democratic hacks on their news. i cant stand wallace myself I can watch msn or cnn if i wanted to hear anti republican views or socialism.


Please Juan Williams is not an asset to Fox....He makes stupid faces and rolls his eyes and spews lies every time he opens his eyes...We hit "MUTE" when this guy is on...Please do us all a favor and FIRE HIM.


Cannot stand his googly eye rolls and stupid remarks....He is a drag on The Five which is a great show outside of JUAN...PLEASE get him off the network!


As soon as I see Juan Williams on a Fox show I turn to Newsmax!! Get him OFF!!


LOL.. Juan offers intelligent counterpoints.

Sorry, you don't like how he says it. Another thing he does is create a FREE buzz which creates engagement and helps their relevance scores in the search engines. Every time one of you Betas come here or anywhere else to whine, you actually help Juan and the network. For FREE.

All they need to do is read your banal and lame posts here and allowing a bot to read the stupid emails you send in. You help them determine who is watching and encourage them to go after younger, smarter thinking viewers who want to see both sides of an argument.

I'm sure they're laughing all the way to the bank as you inept, impotent losers keep doing what they want. When will you people learn and stop being led by the nose like a Beta in a pack?


Rupert Murdoch you old fox! Stop virtue signaling to get MORE liberal viewers, and stop talking in third person.....


I have been watching Fox for years. But no longer because of Juan Williams.

I cannot stand how he lies, talks over the other people on the panel. He thinks that he and the democrats can walk on water. I cannot stand his voice or looks.

I would mute him when he started to talk. But no longer for I have switched to News Max who give good reporting without having to lie like Williams.


He belongs on CNN not fox


I will not watch this person


Juan Williams is so far left that he never sees anything in a positive light that President Trump or other Conservatives do no matter how good for us. Watch him as he sits and smirks at the other hosts as they give their opinions but wants everyone to believe what he says.

If he was not so prejudice and so far left he would be listened to by viewers but he is an absolute disgrace to have on the Fox Network. Get him off the Five! Surely you can find someone who does not hate the Right so very much.

Do you see a True Copnservative as part of a series on other networks so their thoughts can be heard? NO!

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