Today Juan insulted every Republican by suggesting we sold our souls get put President Trump in office. Juan is a disgrace and has no business being on legitimate news....he belongs on “The View”. Enough is enough....fire him already!!!!!

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Wan is a hypocrite ! He watched cities burn, and people get murdered at so called peaceful protests, and denied it happened.

He helped perpetuate the russian hoax against President Trump. He is not fair and balanced, hei is a Lying Hypocrite


I am a long time Fox News lover. I used to love Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino but together they are the worst.

They seem to be struggling for a power position and show very little chemistry. They continually try to outdo each other by interrupting their guests only to get more of "their" screen time in.

I can't watch it. Sandra Smith and Bill Hemmer worked great together and Dana is good on the Five, but together I just can't watch them on America's Newsroom.


Juan Williams is out of control. Juan Williams ruins the Five. Will stop watching


OK... Cool daddy...

See ya later alligator...

After while crocodile... After supper m......ka....


It's well overdue that Fox should fire Juan Williams or they are going to lose the majority of their viewers then making CNN the most watched. Fox is leaning more left than ever before with people like Williams.

When I see his face on TV I flip the channel every time.

What ever has to say is of no interest to me as he so bias towards Conservatives. Get rid of him if you want to survive.


Juan is wonderful. He brings opposing view points and a sense of “fair and balanced.” Betas like you don’t get it.

No one cares about you, you wants, wishes or shattered dreams. This network will go on beyond the few years you have left. They’re planning for the day when you’re rotting in your grave by making way for much younger people who are center THINKING. A temporary dip in ratings is part of the plan.

You can run to newsmax but they’re doing the same thing. OANN is next.

You’re done, no one cares about impotent Betas. Hope this helps...


Rupert, are you back again? Stop posting like a 10 year old girl who skinned her knee.

Everyone knows you just had a birthday! You are starting to sound like the stumbling simpleton sitting in the WH....


I used to be a hard core Fox news and Business watcher untill election night and when Cavuto started censoring people for me on the air. I'll watch Hannity, Tucker , Judge Jeannine and Lou Dobbs but now they cancelled him.

Fox and Friends remains conservative but doubt they'll last long there. Fox is going down the tube fast while NewsMax thrives.

The idiots running the place just don't get it. I don't even watch The 5 anymore mainly because of the new policies.


Even Chris Wallace who portends to be neutral actually leans center left and this is quite obvious over the years. He dislikes Trump and allows guests to go on a rampage with few challenges.

Republicans on his show get peppered with push- back. We need more conservative networks to get the word out or we will never win any more elections.


I agree get rid of Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and Donna Brizalle I am sick of their views they belong on CNN


Agreed. I can't stand either one of them.


please get rid of whiny Juan, he is ruing the show!


When a good point is made JW gets that stupid confused look on his face. Really Juan, did you not understand?


He seems to be in a constant state of constipation by the looks on his face or he is really that brain dead to understand what was just said.!


He’s horrible and disgusting


We all want to feel hopeful and look to hear the truth. Fox needs to rid an unhappy, head shaking, racist as Juan Williams. He is unattractive and upsetting!


Well finally someone is willing to stand up and and start the impeachment process to rid the country of the most useless corrupt idiot we have ever seen ( joe biden ) hooray!! Soo Fox why don't you guys stand up a rid yourselves of the company idiot ( juan williams ) give him the boot!!


Hooray! Hooray!

Articles of impeachment have been filed today against the worthless idiot joe biden. Now fox get rid of your company idiot juan and make the world a little better place!!


Get rid of this misfit. Pay him off, you will regret it.Pw


Juan Williams is very handsome compared to freakishly ugly Greg Gagfeld.

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