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Today Juan insulted every Republican by suggesting we sold our souls get put President Trump in office. Juan is a disgrace and has no business being on legitimate news....he belongs on “The View”. Enough is enough....fire him already!!!!!

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I am a fan of The Five but Juan Williams is ruining the show. When he starts his ranting I change the channel.

He is so full of himself, rude, interrupts everybody and in my opinion contributes nothing to the show. I hope he gets another job soon so I can enjoy the show again.


Please remove Juan Williams from The Five!!! The other co-hosts are intelligent and entertaining enough; we won’t miss Juan’s stupidity, racism, and flat out hatred for our duly elected President and those of us who elected him!

Juan would be more than comfortable on the View or CNN where there is no reason or accountability for words or actions. Please!!!!!


juan Williams broke my mute button,get rid of him


ARRRGGGHHHH! I’m watching The Five now and I literally don’t know how the rest of the hosts can tolerate him!

He makes no sense and comes off like such a kiss *** to the Dems!

I’m so embarrassed for him! PLEASE, Fox, GET RID OF THIS DOLT!!!!!


anonymous I like to watch The Five but Juan Williams has insulted me by the things you guys let him say. I will not watch the five as long as he is on it.

I really feel bad because the rest of the panel on the five are great. Juan need to be let go or your ratings will really go down.




CNN needs Democrat Juan Williams on their show fox you should can him now before he spews his anti trump views


This guy needs to quit starring at the monitors when he talks to the audience and focus on the panel he’s having the discussions with. When he can’t make his point, he starts yelling and goes off topic which is super annoying.

It’s bad enough to listen to comments little alone his cackling laugh. Someone should tell him to stop saying.... oh oh oh comments when the panel proves him wrong. The worst thing about this racist reporter is his hatred towards our elected president.

He cant stand the fact that our president isn't a *** democrat. His “I find it interesting” comment is over used as well. It’s Ike he cant think of something intelligent to say so he starts off with a bunch of filler. Juan Williams needs to get a life.

He should get his parrot wife and leave the country or at the very least....

leave FOX news. He’s ruining the network and The Five show.


I couldn't agree more with everyone opinions who've recently posted on this site.... Juan’s opinions are ridiculous and make no sense.

CNN wants people like him on their network and he should go there.

MSNBC is looking for racist *** too Juan so you’ve got options. LEAVE THE FIVE before you totally ruin the show.


I refuse to watch the 5 again until the racist foreigner idiot is gone. What's next, support for the prison bound oblama (intentional). OAN is the only truthful news show left!


Don't watch the five when he is there ,can't take his smirking and excuse making for fact ,a partisan fool.


Please get rid of Juan. He is an angry, bitter, loud mouth who won't let his fellow co-hosts talk.

I can't watch The Five when he is on. I get excited when someone else is filling in for him, then I can watch and enjoy the show.


this man ruins the show. i have to use the mute button when he is talking.

can't stand it. i dont watch it anymore because of this idiot


Fox news needs to remove Juan Williams completely from their payroll. Liberals have no business whatsoever on any fox news shows. He belongs on CNN or MSNBC with those oxygen deprived idiots.


Only hate from this guy! White people feel uncomfortable with his comments. Hey Juan your stuck on racism.




Any of the series or programs that have Williams on are trash. I immediately change stations.

Williams is an opinionated, loudmouth, President Trump hating racist. Get rid of the ***


Juan Williams is always whining to everyone He needs to go the VIEW. He is a DEMWolves in Sheeps skin,I cannot believe He writes a book and Fox helps him to list it. He is a good liar .Fox please give Juan a TIN watch and let him bend over and give him the boot.He is evil.


Just writing this as I am watching the Five. Juan Williams is always whining to everyone "Let me speak" and telling them not to interrupt him.

Yet when Judge Janine was speaking he constantly interrupted her and continued to talk over her.

I agree with the author of the memo. I have gotten to the point where I now turn off the Five whenever Williams starts to do his constant whining


He is so far left as are many Fox News hosts. I’m watching OLN more and more. I wish the true conservative host would move over there and let the crazy dems have fox.

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