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Today Juan insulted every Republican by suggesting we sold our souls get put President Trump in office. Juan is a disgrace and has no business being on legitimate news....he belongs on “The View”. Enough is enough....fire him already!!!!!

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It has come a time when this Idiot Williams must go from the five.Everytime he makes that "I'm so constipated face about all the things he knows nothing about makes me sick.In reality he has no skin in the game about his so called American citizenship being black and suffering from all the indignities that real black people have had to indure over those forms of treatment based on slavery... Go back to Panama Juan or aleast leave the Five.!!


Please get rid of Juan.. All he does is make faces..

Read from his notes.. And say "Oh Oh Oh" when he thinks he has made a point. He actually makes The Five unwatchable..

I used to just mute him but for now I just turn it off when I see him on the panel... I know I am not alone


You have to include and support the Judge, Chris, and Donna on their move to CNN. Trade all of them for Harris.


Watching The Five was enjoyable for the different views. But when Juan Williams isn't on, they have all 5 co-hosts as trumpites, and there is no balanced view.

I don't watch on those days. I know FOX wants to be the propaganda machine for trump,and by letting Shep go and having Juan on less, it is fast becoming just that.


I watch the 4 and mute or fs ftwd when Williams is shooting his hateful language. What ever the subject it tends to rotate back to President Trump.

I can tell by the other 4 faces - it just sucks the air out ot them and myself. Do us all a favor end this year and let us start a new year without the poker face.


I used to watch the Five, but not so much lately! Juan Williams is a bigot ,liar and maybe just plain stupid.

He is ruining the show. He cuts off anyone that disagrees with ,especially the women guest. He makes me sick. please get him off of the show.

I can't stand democrats but any other Democrat would be better than Juan.

I stopped CNN years ago because of Juan and others like him. Why do we have a person like that on Fox News?


Juan Needs to go


I don't hate anybody but I really think I hate Juan Williams. He makes me sick and I can't even watch The Five anymore.

If I wanted to hear his bs and lies I would just watch CNN.

GET HIM OFF THE DAMN SHOW and pick up your failing ratings for that show. The other 4 deserve much better!!


Juan Williams is a bigot


I agree! But we did get rid of Swishy Shepard!


I agree don't like to listen to him he doesn't make sense wife thinks the same.


Juan is such a fool why is he on fox send him to cnn


Juan is a digrace to america. His ideas are of distrustful liberal opinion.

I am proud of our current president.

He battles the media everyday like the disdane of juan. What spews out of his mouth is not what America is about


I just can not watch this guy! He make me sick to watch the show with him!

I switch to commercials when he comes on! Get rid of this flaming progressive communist from Foxnews!




Doesn't this dufuss with the stupid, juvenile faces he makes just make you want to vomit? So, so sorry I can't enjoy The Five anymore...only when he is not there.

No wonder his kids aren't democrats. He is an embarrassment


ditto!! He manages to prove how racist and narrow minded he is.

And downright rude. He reminds me of alan combs.

Fox hired him after he was fired from somewhere. So fire him Fox


I agree whole heartedly!


What can we do as viewers of Fox news to get rid of Juan Williams once and for all?


If they keep him on this show, I WILL STOP WATCHING! I am at a point now, I am turning it off more than I watch the hour.

I believe you have to have different points of view, but come on, I am NOT responsible for the oppression of black people years ago since I was no even born.

GET A CLUE FOX! It is your call.

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