Today Juan insulted every Republican by suggesting we sold our souls get put President Trump in office. Juan is a disgrace and has no business being on legitimate news....he belongs on “The View”. Enough is enough....fire him already!!!!!

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He is so terrible. How can anybody watch this communist? What a piece of crap.


Why does Juan Williams continue to make silly facial expressions when other members of the Five are talking? It’s ridiculous!


As Trump leaves office in shame and disgraced.


Go away Juan, you are not a help


I use to watch THE FIVE. No longer as long as Juan Williams is there.


i have been a faithful watcher of the 5 since its beginning. but when juan said what cities burned you lost me for good.

he belongs on cnn or the view. ljb


He is a raceist true and true calling this demonstration a mob insulting the people who pay for all these misfits in DC and these judges that don't heed the will of the tax payers. What about the racist BLM and antifa he must be in bed with them!!




Juan is one of the biggest liars and a pathetic traitor to the Unites States of America. We need to start locking these liar, traitors up.

You can show how they cheated in the election and he and all the other traitors will deny it. The truth is put right in his ugly, homely, disgusting face and he will deny it and blame and twist it into a lie and somehow make it President Trump fault. Shame on Fox for keeping that liar Juan Williams, Donna Brazil, Geraldo Rivera, Chris What-liar, really Fox has hired a lot of liars. We had to quit watching, it really made you sick to listen to the lies they spewed out.

Martha and Brett are two idiots to draw from. They had all the liars together giving their brainless opinions.

Wow with a loser like Paul Ryan on the board of Fox, no wonder they have been going into the tank. He sold his soul to the devil, along with the rest of the liars.


Juan is a brilliant close minded hardliner. The Five is one of the best but needs a moderate, fair minded Democrat for it's moderate right leaning audience.

Wallace, Rivera and Brazile as well, ruin the show. A little respect and consideration for us moderates please.


Totally agree, Juan Williams along this Chris Walrus belong on the VIEW kissing Whoopees behind.You can also get rid of Cavuto!


Juan should stay with the toilet paper times.


Total Moron, Juan Williams! Just looking at that stupid face makes me change the channel!


take juan williams off the five ,anyone but him, juan makes most people sick, can't watch the five with him on.


I vote to send him to msnbc or cnn where he belongs!




No but neither is Joe.


Juan, you must realize, represents a very important point of view. He is articulate, clearly a strong democrat supporter and very clearly shows the democrat hatred for this country.

He is, in my opinion, right up there with Jerry, Chuck, Nancy and Adam as the modern face of treason. What he brings, which few other democrat's do, is clear insight to how much they hate America!


bottom line Juan has to go , he drives US and Jessie crazy.


Juan is very intelligent. He's an academic who graduated at Ivy League level.

One of the upper 30% of the population. I'd really consider listening to Mr. Williams' comments and views and not be too quick to dismiss them. On the contrary Sean Hannity is basically a dim bulb who flunked out of college.

Hannity's "views" are straight off of a TelePrompTer. No intelligent talk ever comes out of Hannity's mouth.

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