Today Juan insulted every Republican by suggesting we sold our souls get put President Trump in office. Juan is a disgrace and has no business being on legitimate news....he belongs on “The View”. Enough is enough....fire him already!!!!!

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Agreed, on tonight's show on Jan 07, Juan keep shouting and wouldn't stop. Greg really looks like he's about done with Juan.

Juan needs his own show with co-hosts like Donna Brazile, Jessica Tarlov and Geraldo. Let's see his ratings then.


You my friend qualify for idiot of the year? But you are also a comedian.


Juan Willams and Donna Brazille both must go.Fox news is is for the conservatives. They claim their fair and balanced but those two belong on The View. Get rid of two they don’t belong on Fox.


I thought Fox News was fair and balanced. That means opposing view points should be had.

Problem is you people aren’t man/woman enough to let them roll off your back.

You people are also too stupid to consider exploring anything that may rock your safe little place. How sad...


Troll, you will lose in every aspect of your life. Stay in your mommy's basement and enjoy your ravioli. The real patriots have it from here...


Not the “mom’s basement” trope. That was a thing in 1999.

It’s sad you think this is a clever comeback. I’m guessing you peaked in the 70’s and the rest has been downhill for you.

Let me ask, what does a patriot’s spouse do while you have it from here? So sad this is all you’ll be remembered for.


I will not watch Faux again unless and until Juan is gone


I couldn't stand that narrow minded twit, but it is no longer an issue for me as I sent a Dear John email to Fox for being traitors to their base viewers that got them where they were. WERE!


Just got done watching Fox's (previously) premier Saturday night shows: Watter's World, Justice With Judge Jeanine, and Greg Guttfeld. Well, didn't really watch them, because as always, they we're prerecorded before Thanksgiving, which means no discussion of what has happened over the past three days.

Very convenient for Fox's transition away from their previously "conservative" voice. Each of those hosts seemed to me to be uncomfortable in what they were covering. Lots of talk about the COVID virus and government hypocrisy, but not so much about election fraud. Wonder why?

Could it be that Fox is using this holiday break to ease into their new leftist position? To balance the loss of their former viewers with a cadre of new viewers who scoff at conservatives and are saying, "we told you so; Fox never cared about you," which are what a lot of the comments on this site seem to reflect. I feel sorry for Fox's true conservative commentators, because I know Corporate Fox, with the biggest RINO out there, Paul Ryan (nutless loser) on the board, is directing their cover up of the crimes being perpetrated against America. I paid very close attention when Barack Obama came into the national spotlight, not because of his race, but because of where he came from: Chicago.

In 2007, I worried about what would happen if Chicago politics were introduced to the White House, specifically, and to Washington, generally. Well, we've seen the results today in this fraudulent election. Obama let the left know that they could get away with anything, because the left owned the media. Except for Fox News, they did.

But now that Fox has sold out, conservatives are very limited in their choices to obtain factual, unbiased information. However, we are a sleeping giant and we will do whatever it takes to know what is true and what is not. I have not given up on President Trump winning this election. With all of the corruption in the leftist planning to steal it, and I'm sure it goes back to 2016, they never could account for Amy Coney Barrett being appointed to the Supreme Court, along with Trump's other two appointees.

One thing that must be watched are the actions of Chief Justice John Roberts. He is obviously anti-Trump, and his decisions to take on any case will clearly shape the future of our country. If he capitulates to the left on any case, then our country is lost.

That's my biggest fear. President Trump must not concede until every legal vote is counted and every accusation of voter fraud investigated.


“ Just got done” The End.. If this is the best you have, no sense in reading the rest of this screed.


Saw the long remarks on the Fox betrayal. I have been loyal viewer for 20 years. No longer, shame, shame , shame!


LOLOL. This is so funny.

20 years of your (chuckle) life wasted with ZERO to show for it. 20 years you will not get back but desperately need...Gone!!

They used and flushed you as if you mean nothing..,which you don’t by the way. Funny thing is this is but the first of many adjustments you’ll have to deal with.


You trolls all read from the same script. No imagination. Sad.


C’mon. You know these comments give you people a reason to wake up and get out of bed.

Say, did you get that Medicare enrollment in? You’re welcome by the way.


Great article on a conservative web site (VisionLaunch) I just found: https://visionlaunch.com/is-the-fall-of-fox-news-signaling-the-end-of-the-corporate-news-era/ Sums up Fox News' demise.


I sent the following to Fox News tonight, as well as to everyone I know: Fox News, I wonder how it feels for you to have lost so many of your viewers. Most of us former viewers felt like Fox News was a member of our family, trusted and beloved.

But on Election Day, we lost you, probably forever. I can tell you how it feels for me, and probably most of your other former viewers. For us, Fox was an important part of our family. We had coffee with Fox and Friends in the morning, brunch with America's Newsroom, lunched with Outnumbered, dinner with The Five (always muting Juan), and spent our evenings with Tucker, Sean, and Laura.

But that all changed on Election Day, when you turned your back on us and went main stream. We tuned in the next day to see if your election night coverage was just a fluke, and quickly found out that it wasn't. You had joined the left in 90% of your reporting, and for that, WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU NOR REWARD YOU BY WATCHING YOUR CHANNEL AGAIN. We see through your strategy of allowing Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Mark Levin, Jessie Watters, the Judge, and Greg Gutfeld (your ratings giants) to speak the truth, while the rest of your coverage of this corrupt election is clearly pro-Biden.

The above-mentioned group of truth speakers aren't enough to keep you dominating the ratings like you have for years. I can't wait for the November ratings to come out to show how much you screwed us by your betrayal, because they will reflect just how serious we took that betrayal, and I'm proud to know that I was part of your decline. If you somehow maintain or increase your ratings, it's only because the leftists started tuning in to laugh at your capitulation to them, not because we continued to tune in. We haven't.

I'm writing this on behalf of all of my family, friends, and colleagues, not as a threat to boycott Fox News (we're conservatives, we don't call for boycotts), but to call out a former friend (Fox News) who has broken their promise to us: to uphold democracy, to always speak the truth, and to be FAIR AND BALANCED! We see through the shell game of switching your coverage of this corrupt election to COVID statistics, like Laura's been doing, as well as the projection of Trump's future influence after Biden takes office. THIS ELECTION IS NOT OVER, FOX! I've written to you many times over the past year, and actually like to think that I got a result when I urged you to not let Cuomo get away with all those nursing home deaths and you haven't.

Thank you for that! I'm pretty analytical in my thinking, so I think I understand why you turned left so quickly on election night: you knew the fix was in and had to get on Biden's bandwagon, lest you be cancelled like the 73M people that voted for Donald J. Trump. Fox is like a professor that teaches its students to think one way for years, then abruptly tells those same students to disregard everything they've just been taught.

We always thought you were better than that. Bottom line: Nice knowing you, it was great while it lasted... Oh, by the way, I'm going to send this out to everyone I know, and urge them to do the same.

So, these thoughts won't be suppressed by some woke millennial scanning your mail. Regards


Lol. Listen, No One Cares about you, your loyalty and this banal screed.

If anyone cares about people like you, this change wouldn’t be happening. As far as millineals, they have over $1.4trillion in spending power and are responsible for a large chunk of retail sales. The oldest of this group turned 40 this year. They’re your kids and grandkids who have determined your values are do do and want nothing to do with them and in many cases YOU.

Remember, you coots raised millennials or the Gen X that birthed the younger ones. This is about YOU and YOUR failure as a parent. They’re over your BS and just want you to go away. Again, YOU DO NOT matter.

Your weekly taking up a table circle meeting is not supporting the economy. You’re a drag with your health care costs. Pray these millennial don’t cut you off leaving you to die alone in the cheapest for profit hone. I hope this helps.

PS sending them an email tells them their plan to ditch you is bearing fruit.

Your whining draws more new viewers in. Great job idiot.


I love you trolls. You expose your ignorance and hatred with every comment you make, not realizing that your supposed superiority only makes us stronger and exposes just how empty your heads are. Please continue; we'll see who wins in the end, and I'm not talking about this election.


Agree with what you said as Juan and others like Chris Wallace were driving me away before election evening where they had ONE conservative on the panel. All others were anti-Trump, at least slightly, all the way to having TDS.


Please Replace Juan Williams ! the guy is so one way ( Left ) has never said a good word about Donald Trump or any Conservatives just hatred ! he as a Alleged New reporter , does NOT report news , just his OPINIONS it is just Crazy , good bye and good riddance's !!!

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