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Anytime when disaster hits rather it be a hurricane, earthquake, tornado or another riot. I go to turn on Fox news today 09-14-2018. Guess who is on? Shepard Smith!

Why is it everytime when *** happens Shepard Smith always gets all the air time? More air time than anybody else? Is it bad enough to have always on the 3:00 PM hour.

Let alone all day long! This ridiculous! I stand this Trump hater! Shepard Smith dosen't belong on Fox News at all!!!

Please Fox News get rid of Shepard Smith!!! I refuse to watch Fox News at all when this bozo is on the air!!! Now its almost non stop with hardly any commerical break. As for I'am done with Fox News! What ever happened to "Fair and Balanced"? I sure wouldn't call it "Fair and Balanced" while that jack@$$ shepard smith is on!!!!!

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