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Nothing but liars on this channel. I have tried to watch your channel but you allow such untruth, it's hard to watch.

What about Trump's taxes, never mind his illegal, immigrant family. They are all snakes. Happy to see them leave our White House and take all your other criminals with you, at least the ones that aren't in jail or pardoned. Trump will look good in an orange jumpsuit with his awful hairdo behind bars.

Maybe the U.S.A. will get back to being kind again!

User's recommendation: Find an honest channel especially the elderly that believe your crap.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Brockton, Massachusetts

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I agreed with you until your last line which was very unfair. I am over 65 and do not appreciate you bagging us all into one group.

Your comment, "Find an honest channel especially the elderly that believe your crap" was totally unfair. To inform you, We don't all subscribe to Fox ""News"" which is not news at all it is so biased and really does ignore the facts. Plus, we do still count as thinking citizens!

I no longer watch that channel because it has really deteriorated and I for one am disgusted at the derogatory way they refer to those opposed to their views. They have, unfortunately, taken up Trump's bullying and insulting reporting on those who do not share their views.

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