The constant irritating commercials re my pillow are grossly irritating. we will never buy these items simply because of the constant barrage of Mike ???? and his my pillow commercials !!!!!

Location: Lookout Mountain, Georgia

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I turn to Fox and click on any articles and I have to suffer through a minute of adds. No thanks


I cannot take any more of the constant My Pillow commercials; pillows, mattress pads, towels...it doesn’t stop. I don’t care if these items were free, I would never accommodate that brand.

At the very least, he could change his shirt once in a while. I am wearing out my mute button.


I’m sick of the My Pillow commercials constantly .


LOL...You do understand the reason for this is because most advertisers won't touch this network with a ten-foot pole. They have better things to do than deal with the next boycott threat because one of the entertainers on this network says something stupid.

They also know you're losing relevance by the day hence the swing towards the center. They know people who sit around, do nothing but watch TV, and complain are worthless to them and are dying(literally) breed.Your ad, not real value and don't spend money other than taking up a table at the local Applebees all day with your coot cohorts. The fact that your numerous complaints mean Dyck to them shows how lame your demographic is and how little they think of you. They're just keeping you around until a Bigger Better Deal is found.

You know, young people.

Why not find a better way to spend what little time you have left than watching TV all day. There's always P O R N.


Agreed. I have made so many complaints about this annoying commercial.

You can make as many complaint as you want.

But they will never take it off the air! I hate guy so much it makes my blood boil.

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