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I tried to contact them today when Shannon Bream cut off a Trump event at Conservative Black voices today. I immediately turned her show off, and live streamed the event, which was GREAT.

They want everyone to purchase FOX NATION, but none of their people have done what Trump has done for America, and indeed the world.

I am a veteran, as are many of my relatives.

I have 4 daughters in the police department in Dallas.

They used to watch Fox news, but no longer do so, saying that it is not conservative enough now.

I've quit watching them - might as well watch CNN - not much difference these days.

Juan Williams threw his finger into Jesse Waters' face yesterday, & if the network does not correct that, they are spineless & failing us conservatives.

I've finally had it with them.

If you can recommend another conservative channel to watch, please let me know. Thank You!

Fox News Cons: Biased moderators, Sherd smith bias, Juan williams - horribly liberal and rude.

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