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When listening to the comments of Shepard Smith and his provocative questions to the guests of the program, we are forgetting that we are on FOX. It sounds completely as NBC, CBS and similar channels.

Mr. Smith's comments on the President are outrageous. He constantly blames Mr. Trump in being a liar, and the tone of his comments is boiling with no less than hatred.

It is quite unbearable to hear the democratic " Fox contributors", such as Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Jessica Tarlow, and many others, whose "contribution" is insulting to Trump supporters. Their political correctness grades from political hypocrisy to political ignorance. However to hear each day the whole show, permeated with hatred and the comments, which are basically even not a business of the host is more than frustrating. Nobody is interested by his opinion.

He just reports the facts. Their evaluation comes from the political commentators.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Shepard Smith Reporting Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Shep Smith is there to stay. It's clear he makes them money or he would be out on his ear.

Money matters... YOU DO NOT. They know that you old turtles are about to die(while draining the health care system) and have no longer have real, long term buying power. Your only value is insurance and pillow commercials.

Sorry but you peaked years ago, even your precious fox knows this and have written you off. Keeping Smith on shows how little you are valued.


Shepherd Smith needs to transfer to another network or maybe consider an exciting career in electronics.... Shepherd has no credibility and even less integrity....all we ask is that he be objective.... but his lack of coping skills and emotional intelligence will not allow that....very unprofessional...


Shepherd Smith and his opinion have no place on FOX. Why does FOX continue with his employment. I turn FOX off when his program is on.


I am with the other people on here. Shep Smith is terrible.I am a Fox viewer from the time I get up until 3:00 PM eastern time till 4:00 PM when Smith has his show.I will not watch him.Then I turn it back on .He needs to move on with his buddies at the other news channels. Why doesn't Fox change there format for the right side of the isle.Get rid of all the Left leaning people.We really don't have anything but Fox to watch but do not agree with the left leaning people on Fox.Juan Williams is as bad as well.

to Cheryl #1616253

Translation: My so-called life is laughable and pathetic. I live what's left of this sack of @#$# I call life by living vicariously through a "news" network and other right wing nuts.

No on cares about me including my beloved Fox. Why else would they keep someone you don't like on the air. Simple, you're a useful idiot that can be cast off at a moment's notice like used Charmin. P.S.

Having people with different views is what is known as "fair and balanced." I thought that's what Fox News was all about. At any rate, no one cares what you have to say on the matter.

Enjoy the rest of your (chuckle) life. Pathetic as it is...


I'm going to flip to Fox business when Shep show comes on. Pathetic.


You are losing viewers keeping Shep Smith. He is the most irritating nasty lib that you have on Fox (Juan Williams is a close 2nd).


Shepherd Smith needs to Go!! I usually turn off the TV---when he is on.

Today--I thought I would try once more!!!! WRONG-----PLEASE GIVE HIM A LONG VACATION!!!!




Get rid of Shepard Smith what ever it takes.


During the day, a big chunk of CNN from Shepard Smith. It would be okay in his own format, but this is supposed to be straight news. He is responsible for much damage to our country.


Shepard, We really believe that you would be much happier at another network! CNN or MSNBC seem to have your same beliefs .

Your obvious hate for President Trump is obvious! You are no longer FAIR and BALANCED!

to Mark Freeman #1586719

Mark - Fox is not fair and balanced. Smith is one of 3 on Fox will actually call Trump out for his lies. The others like Fox and Friends reinforce the lies.


Most definitely, I'm not watching a supposed journalist so he can give me his flawed and skewed opinions. The minute bias is exhibited, he becomes totally irrelevant for the network including his agenda.


People are wondering why Fox News keeps Shepard Smith around with him being a loud mouthed, *** liberal. Let me explain something here.

Fox News' target audience the Republican voter, since all other networks target the Democrat voter. This does not mean that 20th Century Fox (the owner) wanted a Republican president. In fact, 20th Century Fox donated heavily to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. You see most rich people and multi-billion dollar corporations had tax loopholes for the rich that Bill Clinton signed into law and all Democrats support the loophole because they are rich.

This loophole allows very wealthy people (who can afford the best lawyers) to sometimes pay nothing in taxes while the average working man pays for everything. The tax loophole for the rich I speak of is the same one the Donald Trump used in 1995 to avoid paying over 600 million dollars in taxes. Millionaire Democrats, especially in Hollywood, are crying that Trump recently lowered taxes for the wealthy with his new tax cut. But what Trump actually did when he lowered the tax rate for everyone is, he got rid of the tax loophole for the rich.

So now they have to pay their fair share of taxes. Rich people are really hating Trump right now, especially the Communist Hollywood celebrities and the Communist main stream media.


Has anyone noticed, or bothered to tell Jessica Tarlow how incredibly annoying her nasally witch pitched voice actually sounds on TV. having spent years in TV, someone close to her, or her manager should recommend a voice coach, or someone who can help get rid of that "pain to the ears" whiny tone of hers.

Its almost hilarious to watch her with other female hots debate, and although she has many valid points, and is intelligent, my sons, friends, and even my wife immediately either change the channel, or turn the volume off when she starts to speak.

I wish her much luck with her new baby, but honestly, do not see how she could have ever conceived with her husband trying to make love to her, and she begins to extrude that voice that could stop a charging bull. PLEASE, someone mention it to her, for her own benefit.


Shepard Smith should be replaced ! He would be a better fit on cnn . Way to left for me to listen to so if my tv is on at Shepard time , it goes off .


Fox has so many liberal hacks that it's far from "fair and balanced" I swear they have people like Juan Williams and the like just to irratate!

Oakton, Virginia, United States #1349399

I can't stand listening to Shepard Smith. His attitude and tone are completely anti-Trump and anti-republican.

He is not fair and balanced and does not report unbiased facts.

He always spins stories to sound negative against the President and the Republicans. I am surprised that Fox allows him to continue to call himself a reporter.

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United States #1318896

seems Shep Smith is getting more and more outrageous with his name calling to our president. when did it become so popular to call names and put down our president office.

shep smith in no longer a unbias news reporter but a mud slinging hateful commentator. but not a reporter of news.

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