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I don't know about anyone else viewing the show, but Janice Dean is the most annoying person ever. She needs to tone down her presence on air.

She always tries to make herself stand out by acting out to draw attention. Now she has Ainsley acting the same way. Why can't they act like woman we want to watch instead of attention grabbers. No one likes the things she does, nor do we want to see them.

Her sitting on a motorbike throwing her hair around was hideous, amoung many others. Tell her to just do the weather and get off the show off attention getting act that she causes.


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Janice Dean is “fake” news. Acts phony!

Me me me!

All about me! Ewww and ughhh


Janice Dean is sickening to listen to. The same thing over and over and over every time she comes on.

She goes out to see people standing outside, screams, makes woo-woo noises, squeals, asks the people moronic questions, screams some more, does more squealing, makes more woo-woo noises, runs around back and forth like an idiot, makes stupid faces at the camera, etc. etc. etc. This woman has an IQ of about 5.

I have never ever heard her say one intelligent thing. I cannot watch Fox and Friends in the morning any more because of her (or I watch it and turn it off when she comes on and starts screaming, etc.)


Omg I agree. Her high pitch voice and so loud in the morning.

Tone it down please. Also why do we have her on?


I change the channel as soon as they say Janice Dean is coming up - The most annoying personality ever! ***


I love Fox News but Janice Dean is like fingernails on a chalkboard! Screaming into the microphone and throwing her hands up in the air. I find her totally irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Janice Dean needs to be terminated today. A woman doesn’t act like an immature child, high-five to anyone close to her when she’s outside.

Now she writes a book about her meetings with Roger Ails.

She can tell any lie she wants bc he’s gone. KICK THIS NUTJOB TO THE CURB!


Her attention-seeking ways drive me crazy. She reminds me of a teenager trying to get attention and it's very irritating to watch her. I turn off the channel and watch another news channel when she comes on


She annoys me no end. Her behavior is obnoxious. I think her 'sunny' personality is an act.


I turn off Fox News when Janice Deen comes on, CAN’T STAND HER


OK, so now this idiot has written a book about her life and is trying to peddle it on all of the Fox shows. First of all, who gives a &%&*% about this idiot's life??

Who cares??????!!!!! What kind of brainless *** would even think of buying a book about Janice Dean, one of the worst TV personalities ever???? This woman is worthless, her book is worthless, and she is just an obnoxious jerk and a clown who is totally unwatchable. All she does is scream, yell Whooopie, dance around like an idiot, and make stupid faces.

She is 100% terrible and I can't watch her and turn off Fox when she comes on. Can't Fox see how stupid, obnoxious, and horrible she is????


Janice Dean absolutely sucks. I NEVER watch FNC when her annoying mug is on my tv screen!!!! Please terminate her!


It's the same thing over and over and over with her. Go outside of the studio, meet some people, and scream, yell, and act like a moron.

This woman is 100% stupid. She is only capable of screaming and going "WOO HOO" at everything. She also looks like the female version of Bozo the Clown with her idiotic hair and horrible outfits. Does she really think that screaming at everything is funny or cool?

Janice Dean is obnoxious and brainless. I have to turn off the TV every time I her screaming.


Annoying, loud, distracting. Like watching a drunk sorority girl.

I could do without her. The bad dancing during every turn to commercial pains me.


This woman is sickening and stupid. She's on right now and standing outside of the Fox studios screaming and squealing and making moronic faces.

She does this same garbage almost every day. All she does is run around and scream all the time. Everyone that I know just can't stand the sight of her when she comes on since it's nothing but screaming and yelling and moronic comments.

I'm not going to watch Fox and Friends any more because of this. What an idiot.


Janice Dean is an obnoxious, stupid, loudmouth attention-hog. Every time the camera is turned on her, she acts like a complete idiot with all of the yelling and giggling.

I like "Fox and Friends" in the morning, but when she comes on, I turn it off. Oh and by the way, she looks like a clown with her 1970s disgusting hair-style and her baggy clothes which look like they came straight from the flea market.


Please Fox, give her a desk job somewhere and get her off air. I have to change channels when she comes on.

She seems to feel the need to be the center of attention anytime she sees a camera. Too goofy for prime time


she could very well be the most disgusting person on national television I couldn't agree with you more


It is clear that Dean suffers from Narcissism, Most people are turned off by this kind of behavior. FOX would do well to reign her in, Give us the weather and nothing more.


Is there a Equal Opportunity policy at Fox to include retards? If so, that's why Janice Dean is there.


I love Fox News but I can't stand Janice Dean!! She is SO goofy and is so irritating!

I mute my TV everytime she is on Fox.

Please Fox ..... Get someone else!!!

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