I really like Janice Dean. She is upbeat, silly, perky and she is respectful to her audience outside.

I like her antics! Keep up the good work, Ms Fean

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Reporter.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Ahh...she's gone. Thanks, MS!


Janice Dean is an idiot. I cannot stand to watch her stupid giggling, squealing, and the idiotic faces that she makes.

She is really terrible and I turn off the channel each time she comes on. I can't stand it when she interviews people and ends up with the giggling and squealing and infantile behavior.

to Otis #1443361

You are totally right. When she starts with the idiotic squealing and yelling, I have to turn to another channel.

How do dummies like her get on the air? She is totally annoying and sounds so stupid every time she opens her mouth that I cannot watch her.

to Louie222 #1445838

You are so right! A few days ago I saw her interviewing some people outside of the Fox studio and she starting with the stupid squealing and giggling.

She is just terrible and annoying and seems to be really silly and dumb.

She is almost as bad as Ellison Barber (also on Fox) who is the absolute worst reporter with the worst voice that I've ever heard on television. Fox has some terrible female reporters - I don't know who is more annoying - Ellison Barber's horrible nasal voice or Janice Dean's silly stupid behavior and squealing.

to Me #1494544

STOP!! She's an idiot no matter what disease she might have battled through.

to Big Cat #1451649

Janice Dean is a wonderfully different (fun) personality. She's also battled MS for a decade. Wise up & be kinder to her.

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