This morning on Sandra Smiths show Williams made the comment that President Trump does not go to church. How in the *** is that his business.

Juan needs to move over to CNN and MSNBC with Smith and take Wallace w/him. He does not need to be working on a Conservative Network. Fox is moving to the left but for the time being we are holding on to the true conservative values.

This is my second complaint on Williams and it appears his hateful rants are paying off for him. Now on the impeachment series Fox is pushing him yet again down the throats of good hard working conservatives.

Wallace is using him to back up the Democrat view of which if done right does not come off hateful and contrite. At least Fox woke up w/Shep if not sooner not later viewers will be leaving ***

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Of all people to send to Cleveland for the debate, why the *** would fox send the biased Juan Williams? You can tell from his rolling of the eyes on the Five that he truly hates white people. He's always negative with his comments about white senators or congressmen, but if they are black he raves about how right they are and how wrong the whites are.


If it's Juan Williams job to be "Devil's advocate" that just means you don't get his real view, just his opposite views of republicans which simply makes him a liar. Why play games with us viewers, we aren't stupid. At least you let Chris show his disdain for Trump and it's not fake just to play devils advocate.

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