I dont listen to juan williams I fast forward when he speaks. I just cant stand his lies. Suggest EMILY she is straight about a subject and lawyer aspect to it.

Location: Port Orange, Florida

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When Biden is elected president the whiny brats at Fox News won't be able to contain themselves. Poor babies....

Boo-Hooo. Get a great big hankie for fat *** Hannity to blow his snots in and soak up a gallon of his salty tears.

Time to buck up you sniveling overgrown children, Biden and Harris are going to reinvent America. They'll take up where Obama was successfully taking us right on track and unite the world.


Hey dumb *** how will Biden and coon face reinvent social? When it happens and they take everything you have worked for (if you have ever worked) you will be the first to scream, cry and panic! You dums are really stupid

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