I can't stand this guy. He makes me want to puke with his lies and argumentative attitude that is so far left I don't know he does not seek a position with CNN.

He would fit in very well there. Fox is a disgrace for allowing him to be on their network.

Well, its because Fox is going far left anyway. Fox is going down hill and the only person that could ever get ratings is Hannity.

Location: Ashburn, Virginia

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LOL.. I gave you thumbs up because your rant is actually HELPING Juan.

Every time one of you nuts posts the same lame complaint, you help his relevance score and tell Fox Juan cause tension which means they're going to keep him. They know you fools can't help tuning in as a way to be part of something that's against something. They also know that a new and younger viewer(the ones that will replace you soon) will tune in to see anything their parents, crazy in-laws, and the coot in 10B is against. You're doing what they want you to do.

Sit in front of a TV and be served low-value ads and make them money and then come here and post about it.

Great job sheep... LOLOLOL


You look like an idiot for posting this

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