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A long time, since the beginning, Fox viewer, I just witnessed, after the Trump 100-days press meeting, Leland Vittert (who I have witnessed be obviously biased against Trump on Fox in the past) and Elizabeth Prann bring on two guests to "analyze" the press meeting. Both guests, and both Fox reporters, were against Trump and it was obvious.

Where was the fair and balanced? With all of the other media so blatantly biased, Fox, do you not see the need to present all sides of the candidates and the issues? Leland is disgusting to watch -- he is so biased and does not hide it with his tone and mannerisms.

Better do better, Fox. It will come back to you eventually.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Reporter.

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leland is yhe rudest ive seen . needs to shut up.

why have guests if your goin to rip on the potus the hole time. you suck


Leland makes me change station


A news anchor NO maybe an anchor for the titantic YES.


Leland Vittert is a neoconservative zionist shill who's highest priority is that the US fights Israel's wars for them. *** these people, we need less Sean Hannitys, less Leland Vitterts, and MORE TUCKER CARLSONS


Fair and Balanced does not mean cheerleading for the Left, it means presenting both sides of an issue in an informative manner and asking questions that will help to develop and promote genuine conversation on a particular subject. Leland and Shepard obviously need to work on their ability to do this!

Very disappointed that Fox in the daytime has veered so far from the format of their early days on air. By the way - the use of the Fox News Alert has been completely watered down since you label everything that way.


It is pretty funny you never hear liberals talk about the weekend crew on the hard news side at Fox. I enjoy the weekend shows they go at a slower pace and have better discussions.

I watch 30-40 hours of Fox a week, I support Leland asking tough questions on both sides. Elizabeth is cute as *** I will end my comment about her on that note.

It is pretty hilarious the *** Fox takes for being a Trump propaganda network, yet CNN and MSNBC do not have 1 Trump supporting anchor. Fox is a 8 or 9 on being pro Trump, CNN and MSNBC are unquestioned 10s on being Trump opposition.


Balance Definition-keeping or showing a balance; arranged in good proportions It's clear you people don't understand what balance means. It doesn't mean that you won't hear stuff you don't like.

Just be a REAL man or woman and say you don't care about fair and balanced. You want to be spoon fed your right wing nut tripe all day every day. Be honest with yourself at least. As to left leanings, this NETWORK doesn't care for our about you now that your time is coming to an end.

It's time to appeal to the Bigger Better Deal and let you go. Hopefully you don't take it personal but this is about money. It's that simple....You're in a declining demographic that either be in a nursing home or cemetery before long. This is probably the reason they've spoon fed you people to the point where you will vote against your own interests.

They know that you'll be a huge burden and drain on the country before long with your health care costs.

What better way to save money than to get you to vote for people who will cut your money. The more I think about it, they're patriots.



@Sandra deang

Wow the point of being a Republican is to be self confident, and not fear opposite points of views. Leland is more hard news, he is tough on both sides.

Shep on the other hand is violently hateful towards Trump.

Shep is still a good hard news journalist though. I hav cut my Shep watching in about half from what I watched before Trump as a result of his over the top hatred of Trump.


I totally agree that Shepherd Smith and Leland Vittert are not fair and balanced. They are obviously anti Trump, so I change the channel when they are on!

@Judy Rock



Leland vittert and Sheppard Smith are totally anti Republican but hold an undeniable hatred for Trump


Personally, I think Leland Vittert would be much happier at CNN or MCNBC and the same goes for Shepherd Smith.


They really need to go!


I watched a segment of Leland's interviewing a PA congressman and he was so condescending toward him and then on another interview he rudely dismissed a pro-life gentleman who was challenging his democrat opponent by abruptly cutting him off as he was speaking! That was a real turn-off for me.

After watching that embarrassment I immediately changed the channel to One America News. Thank God for OAN as a viable alternative!


I agree Leland Vitter looks and talks like he is part of fake need. He's fired!

I been a watched Fox news for years.

Vitter needs to go our a lot of us will leave Fox he News. Lenland is not fair or balanced.


Won’t watch this show anymore trump haters


Hate these two wont watch anymore


Take this show of if I want to watch a show like this I will go on cnn