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A long time, since the beginning, Fox viewer, I just witnessed, after the Trump 100-days press meeting, Leland Vittert (who I have witnessed be obviously biased against Trump on Fox in the past) and Elizabeth Prann bring on two guests to "analyze" the press meeting. Both guests, and both Fox reporters, were against Trump and it was obvious.

Where was the fair and balanced? With all of the other media so blatantly biased, Fox, do you not see the need to present all sides of the candidates and the issues? Leland is disgusting to watch -- he is so biased and does not hide it with his tone and mannerisms.

Better do better, Fox. It will come back to you eventually.

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I totally agree that Shepherd Smith and Leland Vittert are not fair and balanced. They are obviously anti Trump, so I change the channel when they are on!


Leland vittert and Sheppard Smith are totally anti Republican but hold an undeniable hatred for Trump


Personally, I think Leland Vittert would be much happier at CNN or MCNBC and the same goes for Shepherd Smith.

to Daniel #1595264

They really need to go!

to Daniel #1595268

I watched a segment of Leland's interviewing a PA congressman and he was so condescending toward him and then on another interview he rudely dismissed a pro-life gentleman who was challenging his democrat opponent by abruptly cutting him off as he was speaking! That was a real turn-off for me.

After watching that embarrassment I immediately changed the channel to One America News. Thank God for OAN as a viable alternative!


I agree Leland Vitter looks and talks like he is part of fake need. He's fired!

I been a watched Fox news for years.

Vitter needs to go our a lot of us will leave Fox he News. Lenland is not fair or balanced.


Won’t watch this show anymore trump haters


Hate these two wont watch anymore


Take this show of if I want to watch a show like this I will go on cnn




Leland Vittert is so biased he must take tips from what's his name Cumo . Way too full of himself and an obvious Trump hater.

Rude bully.

Like a rabid dog as he grills guests. He need to be on CNN and would fit right in.


Yes, I agree with the pissed consumer. I change the channel any time Vittert or Shepard Smith are on.

to Fed Up #1511733

I agree with that. Shepherd is so biased and his questions about the President are very leading and if the person doesn't answer negatively about the President Smith takes a break or changes to another topic.

Vittert is going to get his jaw broke one of these days sticking chin out and puffing his chest. Reminds me of Chris Cuomo.

to Anonymous #1609965

I used to love Shepard Smith when he used to be fun to listen to. He has become so acidic I can’t stand to watch him anymore.

Very sad.

Also don’t like Leland Vittert. He just isn’t that good and doesn’t have the polish others have.


Leeland Vitter so anti Trump he cant hide it! Belongs on MSNBC!!!


Can not stand Leland Vittert he makes is known he does like our President get him and her off Love Fox but will not watch the two of them


I thought it was just me so I did a search on the web and found this. Yes I agree. He wears his emotions on his sleeves for sure.


He seems to have anger problems. You can see the anger on his face.

He's so against Trump.

Wondering if he's doing a Major Network audition via Fox News. He would be good to move on.


I love Fox News and always watching. Don't watch Saturday morning anymore because of Leland and Elizabeth there very biased and it's sickening.

A different view is one thing but blatant opposition from the two of them is disgusting.

I don't appreciate having to put up with democrats hosting Fox News shows. Also Shepard smith is the worst very biased not to mention many other hangups


I'm ex military from a pro-military family and we are all fans of Fox News... in my opinion, FNC is the only news worth watching.

So I was surprised while watching America's News Saturday where Leland Vittert was inviting feedback on the Syrian Air Strike. Each guest was clearly in support and happy with the President's decision. Vittert clearly took an apposing and antagonistic view with vigor enjoying his own sarcasm, wit and negative spin. He all but came out and said he was no fan of our President and his actions or methods.

Why do we need this on Fox News?Speaking for my family and friends, we are sick of the leftist views from other "main stream" and "fake news" channels. I do occasionally check in with these other "main stream" media channels just to see and hear what my leftist friends are getting dosed with. It's all spin for ratings and support for an agenda that would drive our country to chaos, socialism and certain collapse.During my education, I was taught those that don't take the time to know and understand their history are doomed to repeat it. Well if you study history, Democracies have all failed following the same downward spiral and things go really wrong quickly for the masses.

The worst leaders/dictators in history start out making promises to give away and/or spread wealth to gain support from a less educated poor, working class mass of population. They go on to manipulate media through propaganda to put down the current leadership to those masses. They invite more outsiders seeking refuge to the fight before they over throw governments.Currently, the left is pushing for open boarders supposedly fighting racism and championing freedom and ignoring the legal methods to immigrate, the cost burden when people immigrate illegally, and the safety issues that are real to our existing population of citizens. The left is successfully controlling many of the hearts and minds of our youth through leftist college agendas which includes re-writing history.

The same left is disparaging anything that may be considered "conservative" including capitalism, pro-choice and even Christianity, which the left would like to paint as racist, elitism and anti-american. With the help and support of Hollywood and the "main stream news", the marketing concept of "say it enough and they will believe" is getting a foothold with more than a third of our population and is spreading around the world.Part of the strategy obvious to anyone watching is the far left trying to keep the world and the white house tripping over mouse droppings while our enemies throughout the world amass the ability to come for us and erode our political structure, financial strength and will to fight for right and wrong... Freedom and the American way of life are a battleground.So with all I'm pointing out, why would Fox News in any way hire and cut loose news reporters that support that? Don't we deserve reporters that report facts versus spin negative opinions or feed the left agenda?

Are you willingly antagonizing your loyal supporters to reflect some sense of responsibility for a sense of "balance"?

The Left doesn't need your help. The country does.

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