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Leland Vittert looks like a bulldog (notice his peculiar nose (upturned) and two front teeth which give him the canine appearance! An insult to dogs, to be sure!

Further, he bullies guests and visibly impatient when he doesn't get replies he wants. His biases are obvious and his arrogance is transparent. Watch how frequently he interrupts the commentators to merely get his contrary point of view across - that's NOT proper anchor/host behavior and below Fox's standards. His voice grates on my nerves worse than Neil Cavuto's, who sounds like Kermit The Frog with allergies in falsetto)!!

Because I like Cavuto (and he's brilliant), I just mute his show and use captions. Elizabeth Prann has a sad face made worse by bad hair-styles that often look like a bad wigs!! Her smile is both straight-lined and insincere-looking - more like a grimace after a sick joke. How did they ever get jobs at FNC?!

I feel bad for her since her voice is nice (pleasant) but she and Vittert have faces for radio! I mute or switch channels when either are on FNC for any reason, especially Vittert! I hope FNC gets fresh (conservative-to-moderate) talent given the massive staff migration during and after the Ailes and O'Reilly scandals.

I also believe that getting rid of MS Smith and Insannity (host of the Trump Cheerleading Hour) would be a great start to balancing the network and remove advocates of one extreme or the other. The evening and prime time line-up needs to be adjusted too: Return The Five back to 5pm, put Eric Bowling & Eboni Williams (dump the anorexic-looking, bug-eyed, smoker Timpf) at 8, Tucker at 9 and a new show at 10.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Reporter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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He is a Democrat . This should answer all of your questions .


Correction. Vittert is now on at 1pm. Turning channel now.


All very true. Ed Henry is on today Finally!

Ed is the epitome of professionalism.

He is courageous and courteous. I wish he would get Shepherd Smith's spot and they would give the weekend spot to Trace Gallagher, but the fact that Leland is not on means I will watch.


Nothing change. Still giving poor journalism and bad image to Fox. Is Fox management sleeping ??


I quit Fox News during the day on Saturday and Sunday because of negative bias towards Trump and Republicans. I turn back on with Judge Jeanine, Jessie Waters, Mark Levin and Steve; all are serious and smart commentators who tell the truth.


I watch the Game Show Network whenever Leland Vittert is on my TV screen. He is rude, biased, obnoxious, and arrogant.....not a very good list of qualities to have when reporting the news.




I too am aggrevated by his tone and aggression and now turn him off on Sunday's. As a field reporter for some of the other commentators programs, this edge is missing.

Thank God. I did the same thing for Shep Smith and he is now gone.

So perhaps this works and I just need to hear 5 times the amounts of programs to equal the number of prgrams that Smith was on and Leland will be gone. Hint to Vitter: t.o.n.e.


I'm a little (but just a little...) surprised that Fox continues to keep this rude person on their weekend programming. Asks people questions, then continuously cuts them off before they can give even a partial answer.

"Fair and balanced ?" - Not quite... I'm to the point that I can find one of the nature channels while this guy's on.


I switch my viewing on the weekends from Fox to the Game Show Network!


We are appalled as well, and wonder why Leland is included in the Fox News Channel at all. He is arrogant, rude to guests, and has only “his” interest (for whatever his agenda is) in mind.

I truly do not believe he fits the “model” for a conservative new channel and makes me not want to watch at all. Very disappointing.


There are a few segments of Fox (who I used to trust and enjoy) that I cannot abide. Namely, Leland Vittert (interrupts all conservative guests because he is a liberal Trump hater).

Get rid of him. Also, Shepherd Smith who is disgusting.


Do get rid of him. He is arrogant, full of his self, MS jackrabbit.


Please resign from Fox...You are totally biased and apparently dislike Trump. I usually watch Fox exclusively but after listening to you this weekend I changed the channel. If I want to hear biased remarks about the POTUS I can turn to CNN...please quit and go work for MSNBC or CNN..you suck.


Leland is WAAAAY too full of himself. Watch Home&Garden on Sat.

from 9-12. Love the Journal Report.


I agree Leland needs to listen and then respond. If he wants to beat his guests into submission he needs to go to CNN or MSNBC.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone in a room with Leland Vittern and rearrange his ugly face


This is a pathetic attack on a person(s) appearance/looks. How shameful!

Regardless of what your opinions are about how an anchor does their show, is absolutely no excuse to criticize people for their looks. What a sad person you are for publicly humiliating yourself in this way.


Fox news says today their vulnerable were people were attacked in Minn. I wonder how they up with that word.

Because they were in a black neighborhood.

I think it would be understood if you tell truth. White are attacked by black animals in Minnesota.


Leland never lets the people finish answering his questions, before he interrupts them with another question and it throws them off, because now they are trying to answer his latest question and the original one never gets answered.