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After watching her interview with Newt Gingrich where she ended with telling him "he needed to go deal with his anger issues" I have had it with her. She is the rudest, most pompous and arrogant female on that network.

This was by far, the worst I have ever seen and how dare she disrespect the former speaker like she did! She is probably the most disliked commentator on Fox news and I don't understand why they continue to put up with her.

I, for one, will not subject myself to watching her anymore. She is also so blatantly biased against Donald Trump and NOT "fair and balanced" She is nothing but a frustrated, conceited diva and does not deserve to be in her position.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News The Kelly File Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Fox News Pros: All commentators except megan kelly.

Fox News Cons: Your reporter is biased, Biased moderators.

  • Down With Megan Kelly
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"arrogant female"

Let me guess, you like your(unpleased by you physically or mentally) females to be docile and timid while they make you a sandwich.


Dear Yawwnnnnnnnnnn,

Funny, I never mentioned what my gender was in my comment about Megan Kelly. FYI I am a 60+ year old grandmother who is also female and am neither docile nor timid. Neither am I so ignorant as to go around making assumptions about others based on their comments.