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Your network along with others seem to have always been on the side of Biden/Harris. Anything our President has done for this country has been ignored.

You do not present the horrible things done to our Country when the BLM, and all the other *** that burned, killed, looked, and, raped several months ago and was ignored by the Democrats. They told the public they were exercising their rights. What about the rights of the rest of us. The people that went to Washington went on their own and were not TOLD to loot, vandalize or anything else.

The American People are angry and turn off their TV's at the sight of all these POOR, PAID, BLACK OR OTHERWISE IGNORANT individuals that have not taken the time to do good in school, work a decent job, or contribute something worthwhile to their communities. They ride on the coattails of the people trying to make a name for themselves whether it be right, wrong or indifferent. I love my Country, my President, even though he has flaws just like everyone else. Get real and tell the truth to the other side of this Communist takeover by the Democrats.

Who cares what Russia, or, anyone else cares about what happens over here. Before it is too late, and, they delete all of our history, look back at the civil unrest in those places. We send our soldiers all over the World to provide safety to poor, helpless people so they can kiss our butts. I am sick of all of you.

Smile for the Camera when you make a mockery of our President. You will all go to *** for the crude, pitiful, whinny idiots you are.


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Has anyone else noticed how China Joe’s eyes are slanting like the Chinese communist he is?

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