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Please tell me why nobody is being investigated, Jill Biden, Joes staff, for exploiting an obviously vulnerable adult?!

This is a crime called elder abuse! I am not a fan, or supporter, of the man, but really!

Sad & embarrassing on all levels! Totally being used!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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LOL...It appears you were up on Christmas day posting this. What's wrong, the kids don't want to visit you anymore?

You're only allowed to talk to the grankids on the speaker phone?

No one wants you around them anymore and this is all you have left? How sad...


Stay in your hole troll. Your repetitious negative comments are just unflushed *** brimming over the bowl. Get yourself a good auger and flush yourself down with the rest of the toxic waste.


So, another year has gone by and no contact from your kids? Bet you thought this would be a home-alone moment didn't you?

It's OK, you have your clever wit that created such an awesome comment. Keep up the good work as you sit in the urologist's office wondering where it all went.


Biden IS the greatest embarrassment to the US presidency. He’s hands down the worst president that we’ll likely experience in our lifetimes.


Biden will win a second election in 2024. I know this with certainty. In 2028 Gavin Newsom will become president.


Trump for president 2024! The best president ever!

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