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The number on there is supposed to be 651 not 763 I just need help getting this investigated.I don't know where start.

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It all started ,about around Feb 1st. When things were happening all at once one right after another , when I was cut off of Minnesota CARE, and We tried looking for Insurance for me but kept getting turned away from BlueCross of Minnesota and among others , Well then my husband and his Boss were looking for insurance and one Saterday morning, we had got a call from this place with email they had, my husband said oh that's my bosses email , the lady went on to say it's Flex 1st PPO and everything was covered and prescriptions were 4 to 8 dollars and he had to pay right now over the phone 325.00 to be covered at midnight so my husband did ,which he never gives his card over phone ever , So I thought I was covered I end up in hospital for 2 days then 3 1/2 weeks later I ended up back in another hospital for 5 days , well in all I didn't have HEALTH insurance after all they paid nothing, Then the Minnesota Gasteroloigy took took out 585 out of my husband ACCOUNT on May 17th electronically with no Consent after he wrote them a check for 355.00 on May 13th , my name is not on his account so when he called they said that they could not talk to him unless I was there so he had me come to his work and he called he told lady it was steal the money they took out and he got the name of person who did it , and told me not to call there he had it taken care of so I called insurance place on cards because what cards say is not what BANK statement says , I have proof and his Boss was going to give him 2 dollar raise for me to go on his blue cross blue shield , well to this day going on three weeks I'm still not on his insurance he says his Boss hasn't heard anything yet and I'm really not sure what's all going on , but I know it's not good still no health insurance all kept saying I could not be covered even if we had to pay for it, I need help I don't work because of fibromyalgia, I have over 35,000 dollars in medical bills he makes 62,000 a year and he has coverage it don't make sense I'm sending BANK statement, copy of Bill and insurance cards , I believe I'm being set up and destroyed to either think I'm being paranoid and maybe think I'm going to disappear my cut feeling is something bad is going to happen to , when to come to find out it was accidentally insurance on my me when I called the insurance company and BANK statement says different family Care health insurance it all don't add up.i still without health Care you can contact me at 7632601868 or Thank You, Kris Mortimore from Minnesota.

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Sorry to hear you went through that horrible horrible ordeal. I guess a lawsuit is in order. Good Luck!