For what its worth I got so fed up with Fox is advertising that horrible My Pillow commerical so much I went directly to the Fox News web site.

Send your complaints to this link here:


In my complaint to Fox news I also included a link to this web site so they read the reviews here too.

Anyway, I hope this will help. Getting tired of the same old commericals Fox keeps shoving in our faces!

This commericals are getting so ridiculous I had to complain! Watching the news is getting hard enough and worse everyday!

The email I got back from Fox News. They said they do read them. But I don't know what good will come out of

it. Not seeing that horrible my pillow commerical would

thanks enough!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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There are lot of commercials that are a lot worse than "My Pillow". The person that complained about it must be one of the brainwashed Biden socialists.


with me i am angry how the irish are depicted in fox big cartoon the simpsons it is sort of like apu


I am very saddened to see that Juan and his fellow liars and cheaters are getting away with stealing the election and that antifa and black lives were responsible for the riot at the capital building. Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Biden, Juan, and the spineless Republicans, Supreme Court, media, big tech and the rest of the Demonic Democratic Communist tribe can get away with the constant lies.

Anything the Demonic Democrats and their tribe touch or say destroys. They are the most destructive, lying, cheating, pathetic group of corruption, hating individuals on the face of the planet. Shame on Fox news for not being honest and betraying the hard working American people. President Trump is and will always be the most honest and transparent President we have ever had.

He exposed the swamp and all of the swamp dwellers, so they have to lie and cheat, what ever it takes for the swamp creatures to stay in power. GOD HELP US DEFEAT THESE PATHETIC LIARS AND CHEATERS!


Shepard Smith should just leave fox for CNN instead of auditioning for them on my news station on my time.


Please have Dana Perino comb that hair or either cut it. She needs to go to someone and learn how to talk over again and her shrill voice sounds like she has a clothespin on her nose.

When she comes on I turn fox news off. Why do all these women have to have fake hair? The hair is OK but quit curling it around and let it hang over your shoulder like a turd. Please bring Bill O’Reilly back, please.

I love Fox news and I voted for Trump, Tucker Carlson is so rude he will not let anybody answer.

FOXNews is going from bad to worse. I enjoy Fox and friends and that’s about all I can watch anymore I can’t stand Dana Perino and her know at all attitude


Fox News, along with OAN are the only news worth watching. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC are worse than "Pravda"

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