I usually change the channel when this guy comes up.He is a hating liberal who is not bringing any balance of opinion in Fox news.

I don't mind that he challenges the president's actions but I hate to see the president being disrespected in so many levels by this guy. President Trump is not perfect, he is honest and speaks his mind. He is not a sharp politician like Obama who spoke well but destroyed race relations in the U.S and thus divided our country. Mr.Smith should resign from Fox News and go to Whoopi Goldberg show (The View) and show his true colors.

I am a disable war veteran and he is our president!!!Whether he likes it or not.

Review about: Fox News Shepard Smith Reporting Tv Show.

Reason of review: Disrespect to our president.

I liked: I love fox news.

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Shep needs to be on MSNBC, or CNN instead.


I don't know why Fox keeps Shepard Smith .He hates our President, I thought he was actually *** until I read his bio.

This guy if you can call him that.........is more lit like "Ted" on the old Mary Tyler More show. He is more interested in his ego and plucked eyebrows than reporting the truth without his little whiney jabs at whoever he doesn't like. I am so sick of this idiot, can you PLAEASE remove this idiot?

He belongs as Cnn for the libtards..............he makes me sick and its gross, you are the only conservative news channel and you let libs come on for debates, which is fair.but this idiot is not fair he is an idiot(*** comes to mind)..........I try not to watch him but at times is hard not to please get him of f the air.

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